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There are many benefits of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers for your business.

They offer a clear and straightforward way to decarbonise your business – no matter what sector you operate in.

The UK’s transition to Net Zero relies on many factors, one of which is a commitment from the private sector.

Scaling up local EV infrastructure is an opportunity for businesses that want to demonstrate their commitment to Net Zero and a sustainable future.

Here we run through the top 10 benefits to businesses, some of which you may not have considered.

10 overlooked benefits of EV chargers for businesses

Increased benefits and well-being for employees with no home charging  

Most people with EVs charge at home, but what about your employees who rent, live in flats or have no off-street charging options?  

Supporting these employees with the option to charge at work is a great way to provide additional benefits and incentives to come to the office.  

And happy people are more productive.  

Take advantage of government grants

UK government offers huge savings on the installation of EV charge points and infrastructure ending March 2024.  

To take advantage of saving up to £154,000, depending on the number of charge points installed, get applications in now and claim thousands on EV capital costs.

Visible action for the environment

Investing in EV charge points indicates a clear commitment to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and demonstrates your corporate responsibility to all stakeholders.

Attract customers

Your commitment to a greener future can attract new customers.

For example, consumers who are choosing between brands may opt for the lower CO2 emitting company, or commercial tenants who need to have properties with the right facilities to allow them to continue their sustainability plans.

Every decision you make impacts the bottom line, and deciding to implement EV charging is no different.

Retain the best talent

Align your business with your employees’ goals to retain top talent.

Having a shared mission helps attract and retain the best talent, and both Millennials and Gen z are keen on green.

They value the environment and won’t tolerate businesses that do not.

Support the local community

Not all your business chargers have to be for employees only.

By switching your EV chargers to public charging outside of work hours, you’ll be actively providing access to more public EV infrastructure.

Overall contributing to the UK’s transition to EVs and supporting your local community.

New options for discounts & incentives

EV chargers unlock a brand-new sales incentive.  

With control over your own EV chargers, you can control the costs to the driver.  

This means for some businesses you can include discounted EV charging sessions for VIPs or returning customers, for example, as an incentive to use your facility over another.

Reduce business mileage costs

It’s cheaper to pay for EVs than for petrol and diesel cars if you’re paying mileage expenses.

The current HMRC Advisory Electricity Rate (AER) to be used for electric company cars is 9p per mile compared to 13p-23p per mile for petrol and diesel.  

The AER is reviewed every quarter and has risen from 5p to 9p since its introduction in September 2018, but even with these changes it’s still well below petrol costs, making EV charging a viable option for mileage payments. 

Get ahead of high demand

In 2030, the ban on new petrol and diesel cars means that the number of EVs on the road will only continue to grow.

Having EV chargers on site now gets you ahead of the rush to install.

It’s possible that as demand increases, supply costs may well go up so an investment now may well prove a sensible mid-term option. 

New revenue stream

Some businesses will be able to make their chargers open to the public and be able to set their own charging price.

It’s reasonable to ask people to cover the cost of charging and businesses can collect the difference back.

Just remember, any workplace charging grant won’t let you use chargers for public charging.

So make sure to bear that in mind when it comes to your strategy for installing charge points.

The decision to install EV charging infrastructure should be taken with confidence.

Having the right partner at the early stage makes all the difference. 

Discuss your EV strategy with our friendly experts.

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