How did Bracknell Forest Council save nearly £73,000 in four years?

With an objective of reducing Bracknell Forest Council’s carbon emissions by 5 percent year on year, how does having access to energy data help determine which new projects should be given the green light and those that were actually successful in delivering reduced carbon emissions.

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Hash Patel, Energy Manager at Bracknell Forest Council, and his team are responsible for looking after energy in regards to procurement, energy management and energy assessments. Hash will look closely at the design implications of upcoming projects in terms of their energy related outcomes.

Hash said: “With an eye on our environmental policy to reduce carbon emissions every year by 5 per cent, every project is scrutinised and assessed before it goes ahead. For example, if a community centre needed a heating upgrade, we’d need to assess the energy efficiency side of it. So, without access to the energy data you are essentially making these decisions in the dark.”


Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Hash has seen many challenges in accessing and reporting on energy data. “Previously, it was only energy companies that supplied you with HH (half-hourly) data. Even then it used to take ages, sometimes weeks to get it. This made it difficult and time consuming to look at all the previous data for a project. I needed to analyse that previous data to be able to determine that the energy savings a project proposed was actually a reduction from past to present.”


Stark collects half hourly energy data across Bracknell Forest Council’s electricity and gas portfolio, which is accessible to Hash and his team via our energy analytics platform Stark ID.

“I now use Stark ID and find it easy to work with. All our utilities are in one place and the data is collected regularly.”

“I use the exception alerts to identify actions needed, for example, it can highlight a situation that has arisen, such as the BMS kicking in due to frost protection.”


With a portfolio of sites ranging from libraries and schools to sports centres and office buildings, Hash and Bracknell Forest Council were able to confidently greenlight projects, saving over £72,853 in their energy spend between 2015-2019 and reduce their carbon emissions.

“When you have information that you can actually use, that helps you towards getting a simpler understanding of what the end problem is. What’s the point of putting hurdles in between them?”

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