New Look get a new look at their energy data with sub-metering

How did New Look use Stark’s sub-metering solution to analyse their energy consumption across all their Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland stores?

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As an energy-conscious company, New Look has a dedicated Energy Team that is committed to supporting stores with energy reduction methods and use Stark and Ignite Energy to help them reach their goals.

Ignite Energy provide business energy solutions for their clients throughout the UK. They have worked with New Look for over five years to provide a variety of services, covering procurement, bill validation, finance reporting, data analysis and building management system support.

For New Look and their Energy Team, Ignite Energy use Stark’s energy analytics platform to produce weekly reports identifying the best and worst-performing stores. Huge efforts were invested in the ongoing analysis which is reliant on the electricity data collected in half hourly intervals by Stark.

By highlighting the worst performers, New Look could easily explore the causes of high consumption within individual stores and bring it to the store manager’s attention. They realised that in order to get the full picture of their consumption, they needed to find a solution that allowed them to see all of their stores across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and not just the UK mainland.


Prior to using Stark’s sub-metering solution, the weekly exercise of analysing all of New Look’s consumption was only applicable for their wholly-owned sites in England, Scotland and Wales. Some New Look stores didn’t have Automated Meter Reading (AMR) installed and as a result had no access to their energy data at those particular sites.

A new project, signed off in May 2019, led to Stark installing MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved electricity sub-meters at 23 sites situated in Northern Ireland, 27 sites in the Republic of Ireland and 11 Landlord owned properties in England and Scotland. Arriving to a grand total of 61 sub-meters, spread across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, this was a significant project for all parties involved.

“With a project of this scope there were massive challenges along the way” said Amy Hooper at Ignite Energy. “For each store, our team would contact New Look to explain the purpose of Stark’s visit, the works the engineer would be carrying out and the proposed time/date of the install. This was a significant and ever-evolving task, which required engagement from all stakeholders to confirm suitability before the arrival of Stark’s engineer.”

"We’ve already seen results where we have engaged with stores and begun eliminating their excess usage."

Louise, Property Energy Junior Manager, New Look


Working closely with Ignite Energy, New Look provided excellent photographs of their current metering setup, distribution boards and any existing sub-meters. This was imperative for Stark to carry out an initial desktop survey ahead of each visit, ensuring they had an overview of potential requirements at each store.

Amy at Ignite Energy continued; “Despite the particularly challenging task of requesting landlord sites to give their permission for Stark engineers to carry out their installations, it was a time-consuming but vital part of the project. Incredibly for a project of this scope and size, there were no aborted visits due to New Look refusing access, as every store was fully aware of the engineer’s arrival. This enabled the project to progress at an impressive rate.”

“Ensuring each New Look store agreed to and were aware of our engineer visits was specifically important for overseas works. Stark engineers would work solidly for a week, so it was vital for both our engineers and each New Look store that any aborted visits were kept to a minimum” said Helen Armstrong, TPI Relationship Manager at Stark. “With proper planning and using the detailed information provided by Ignite Energy and New Look, our proven desktop surveys ensured that our engineers were fully prepared for each visit and New Look had minimal disruption for their stores using an ‘install first time’ approach.”

By having weekly project calls with their Account Manager from Ignite Energy and their Project Co-ordinator and Service Delivery Manager from Stark, the Energy Team from New Look were kept up to date on all upcoming visits along with feedback from current installations and site-specific queries.


Stark’s desktop survey led to 58 stores having their meters installed on the very first visit. Only three stores required a second visit due to the requirement for the stores to be powered down and the work required to be carried out outside of trading hours.

As soon as a sub-meter had been installed at a New Look store, the Day+1 energy data for that site was made available within Stark’s online energy analytics platform. Having access to the profile data enabled Ignite Energy & New Look to begin targeting specific sites and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption at the earliest opportunity.

Louise, Property Energy Junior Manager at New Look says “The project covered a six month period and was a hugely successful program for all parties. We’re now able to monitor all our New Look stores’ energy consumption and scrutinise any abnormal loads which were previously unavailable. We’ve already seen results where we have engaged with stores and begun eliminating their excess usage.”

“Having easy access to our electricity data allows us to have full visibility of when the store’s energy use peaks, if there is a high night load or unexpected increases and any anomalies to their usual profile.” said Louise “This is extremely useful and acts as a brilliant visual aid to the stores who can see their direct impact on their consumption. Each store has full transparency of their profit and loss (P&L) so if they are overspent on electricity, the data can support the reasons why and we can assist with ensuring they drive consumption down.”

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