Introducing degree days

Understand why we use degree days for analysis and get the tools to begin analysing temperature dependent consumption.

4 steps to improved analysis

Do you want to take your degree days knowledge further? Use these steps to easily benchmark and monitor your sites' consumption.

Get better and faster access to degree day information on Stark ID

Use specific settings

Figures are available for more than 3 default heating and cooling base temperatures.

Export for all your sites

Download information against each site in a single file rather than region-based figures.

Regression with a single click

Run reports that compare your consumption against degree days.

Set up alarms to catch waste

Alert to high consumption using temperature normalised targets.

Poor data?

We are consistently recognised as the industry leading independent provider of high quality data for all utilities. saving you time, money and worry when accessing your energy data.

Multi-utility and scalable

With our powerful analytics platform, Stark ID you can see your all your utility data simultaneously for an unlimited number of sites, meters and supplies.