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Continuing to deliver excellent service

During the pandemic, the Stark Works team actively performed essential and emergency gas metering work. We received some excellent feedback from Opal Gas – whom we have been busy fulfilling metering installation requests over the last few weeks and months.

Building a strong relationship with Opal Gas

Stark began working as Opal’s Metering Asset Manager in January 2020, starting with our collaboration on the London Bishopsgate site. At that time, Opal’s Relationship Manager, Alex Myers, already had ongoing partnerships with two MAMs, so he was not actively seeking new additions.

However, after our introduction, Alex decided to engage our Head of Asset Management, Jordan Rowbottom, to utilise our team’s services for a few initial requests. We have successfully established a robust relationship with Opal Gas and have been increasingly involved in meter installations.

For Alex, maintaining a good relationship with his MAMs is vital

“It allows me to do my job better,” he says. “Trust is really important, and I know that I can trust Stark to deliver. Not only do they complete the job to a high standard in the required time frame, but they also keep me informed at every stage of the process. This makes it easy for me to keep my customers up to date, which increases their satisfaction with our service. In short, if our customers are happy, then so am I.”

Assisting with metering requests across locations

Although Stark Works’ work is primarily on projects in London and the south-east, we have also been on hand to assist with Opal’s metering requests further afield, including an urgent installation in Northampton. “One customer recently got in touch with us saying they needed an installation right away,” says Alex. “I knew that I could rely on Stark to provide the service promptly, and I was right. The meter was installed less than 24 hours after it had been requested, which was incredible service.”

It’s not like dealing with a faceless service, you really get to know the people in the team, particularly Jordan and Gail (Stark Works’ Metering Manager), who has been a breath of fresh air as our point of contact for day-to-day communication. The people at Stark have helped elevate the whole experience to make it even better.

Alex MyersRelationship Manager, Opal Gas

Congratulations to Jordan, Gail, and the metering team on the recognition of their hard work and thank you to Alex Myers at Opal Gas for taking the time to give us this positive feedback. We look forward to continuing our work together.

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