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Stark ID Data Health

Manage your meters in one place


An accurate and honest picture of your meter performance with clear next steps.


Stark ID Data Health is a unique innovation only available from Stark.

Solving the problem of not knowing why there are gaps in your energy data, or knowing who is responsible and what the next action is.

Stark ID Data Health is a powerful addition to your meter maintenance and portfolio management toolkit.

Stark ID Data Health logo
Reduce data gaps in any utility
Keep energy saving projects on track
Save time finding meter & logger issues
Free to access in Stark ID
Reduce the risk of estimated bills
Tackle manual read costs

An Introduction to Stark ID Data Health


Make your energy data work harder for you.

Unparalleled visibility

Check your metering portfolio to instantly see the top actions

data health dashboard

Streamlined insights

Meter-by-meter breakdown, regularly updated with any issues

meter health on stark ID dashboard

Fix data gaps fast

Quickly get data back online with user-friendly actions

Meter health pop up on desktop

"Data Health is clear and easy to understand. We are able to quickly identify meter issues and see which actions sat with Stark and which sat with us."

Senior Bureau Manager, Advantage Utilities


Fix data gaps faster

Data Health lets you get ahead of meter maintenance issues before they become a problem.

You can take control and help fix data gaps faster by monitoring your meter performance.

Focus on the meters that matter

When you’re managing multiple sites and meters, it’s easy to get lost in what to focus on or where to start to keep data flowing.

Any meter or logger which is on Stark ID – including hosted data – is covered by Data Health.

So you can manage all your meter maintenance and data issues in one place.

We’ve included a whole host of ways to filter the data too – so if you want to focus on Suppliers, MOPs, a certain utility or just one troublesome site – you can.

Tackle HH De-appointments easily

HH data is always the most important data for your sustainability reports and supplier settlement and billing.

Filter all your HH supplies by Supplier or Meter Operator to focus on certain agents, or export the data to give to a colleague to action.

We’ll keep supporting you with updates from our Appointments team, of course, but now you have the ability to tackle these when you want to, at your convenience.

Engage others in meter performance

Sometimes you rely on other people to take responsibility for meter maintenance.

This makes it easy.

Stark ID lets multiple accounts to be set up for free, so as many people as you need can access Data Health, all with clear next steps to keep data flowing.

Our customers give us their thoughts

Property management company, Head of Sustainability

We use it to look at specific meter queries, if there's estimated data and why meters are offline. We're now even looking to have someone to manage the performance to look at fixes using Data Health as the main tool.

Becky Wynne, Senior Bureau ManagerAdvantage Utilities

I would recommend it. It’s an easier way to manage portfolios and energy data. It allows more control over energy usage, reporting and problem-solving. The more information in the same place, the better as we spend less time manually looking for where we should direct our queries.

Not for profit organisation, Energy Manager

It's where we go to answer our data queries

Data Health is free to access for our customers.

Find out how you can save costs and fix data gaps fast.

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