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Stark ID insights save business energy costs

Strong insights from hard-working data

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Save energy costs and carbon with ease.

Target waste, save energy costs and reduce carbon with simple, fast insights in a single platform.

Our innovative platform has you covered whatever your sustainability goals.

For all your utilities (even your EV chargers).

Make your data work harder.

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Save time with one comprehensive platform

Easy access to dynamic reports across all utilities

Boost consistency across sites

League tables show which sites are doing well and help establish processes for other sites to reach targets

Tailored alerts

Upload your own building data and operational hours. Set tailored alerts to highlight usage outside of parameters so action can be taken quickly

Get data back online fast with Stark ID Data Health

Live data feeds from multiple sources viewed at the click of a button. Review the status of your meters so you can resolve breaks in data fast

Free to access for your entire team

Free to access for your entire team. View data in cost or kWh and share insights to help teams engage with energy saving initiatives

Delve into the detail

Drill down beyond topline energy usage with access to more details information and view reports on industry reports, supply capacity, floor area

Energy reporting in Stark ID for all your utilities

The most connected, best-in-class data platform in the business

Our customers say…

Energy & Environment ManagerCosta Coffee

I find Stark ID invaluable to be able to analyse consumption based on a range of parameters such as occupancy, floor size, opening hours and even the weather. I can’t think of any information that I can't get from Stark ID.

Sustainability & Corporate Social Values ManagerThe Jockey Club

Just by measuring and viewing data on Stark ID you automatically see how to improve. Look at the data as often as possible. The more detail you look at, the better.

Energy MangerLondon Borough of Hounslow

Going forward we’re going to have a multitude of projects and without having Stark’s metering and Stark ID, I couldn’t do it with any degree of guaranteed granularity or accuracy.

Energy & Utilities ManagerDartmoor Multi-Academy Trust

Stark ID enables us to have the facts and figures at our fingertips!

Additional Products & Services ManagerOnline Direct

The Stark ID platform is easy to use and the people are friendly and knowledgeable.

Property & Energy ManagerIgnite Energy

This is extremely useful and acts as a brilliant visual aid to the stores who can see their direct impact on their consumption. Each store has full transparency of their profit and loss (P&L) so if they are overspent on electricity, the data can support the reasons why.

Unique insight no one else offers

Stark ID Data Health allows you to find data gaps faster, and manage all your meters & loggers with clear next steps.

Stark ID includes essential energy data from your EV chargers. No one else does this.

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Our customers love Stark ID

Make your energy data work harder.

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