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Sustainable solutions for all your EV Workplace Charging needs

We’re trusted by thousands of businesses across the UK to help reduce carbon emissions. Which is why our EV workplace charging solutions offer something over and above anything else out there.

Learn more about our EV Workplace Charging solutions

Discover why our complete service from advice on the best charging solutions through to easy ongoing maintenance and management delivers what you need below.

Employee charging at work

Support your employees’ EV charging needs and capitalise on savings with the Workplace Charging Grant
employee standing next to their EV driving

Fleet solutions

Keep your EV fleet vehicles on the road with minimum down time. We’ll also cover any home charging for those that need it
three vans charging

Landlord solutions

Optimise services tailored to your requirements, unlocking the full potential of EV charging for your business
office building with three cars next to EV Workplace chargers

Install & hardware

Our expertise in installation and high-quality charging hardware ensures a smooth and reliable charging experience
Workmen performing ground work

Charge Point Adoption

Make it easier to manage different charge points and multiple locations with access to one central platform
Three different meters for ev charging

Charge Point Management Software

With our dedicated management software, plus driver app we make using your EV charge points easy
Hand holding mobile to show stark charge logo

Data analytics

If you’re an energy manager, this one is for you. Make sure charging doesn’t disrupt your energy management strategies
Stark data hub illustration

Contact us

Want to kickstart your EV Workplace Charging journey? Contact our Stark Charge experts today.
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Why choose Stark?

Green open hand holding star

Fast, Rapid, Slow

We’re not tied to one manufacturer, so we cover every option to suit all situations and budgets

EV CPO icon. Laptop, ev charger

We’re a CPO

We can support you to manage your EV charge points better and ensure your chargers are always available when they’re needed

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Lowest cost for the long term

Get the best price for the long term. We’re energy experts so we help to future proof your EV running costs so they don’t get out of hand

The Stark Difference

Learn more about Stark Charge how we can assist you in your EV Workplace Charging journey.

Find out how much the EV Workplace Charging grant could save you before it ends in March 2024.


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