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Your all-in-one EV Charger Installer & Charge Point Operator

By choosing Stark as your Charge Point Operator and EV charger installer, you benefit from 40 years of energy network management experience.

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With us, your chargers will stay online

With our in-house field engineering team and charge point management software, we ensure seamless operation and efficient oversight of your EV charging infrastructure.

When we take over the management of compatible EV chargers, we ensure smooth operation and integration into our network, offering convenience for charger owners and EV drivers.


With Stark Charge, enjoy a seamless end-to-end approach to EV charging. As an expert EV charger installer and charge point operator, we have the expertise and team to streamline the entire process for you.

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Adoption of Existing EV Chargers

Consolidate your current EV chargers under the Stark Charge platform, making managing sites cleaner and more efficient

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Gain access to advanced analytics and reporting tools, empowering you to make informed decisions

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Nationwide Maintenance and Support

Benefit from 24/7 support from our in-house team, ensuring reliability and minimising downtime

Reliable support

Benefit from dedicated account management and proactive maintenance to keep your chargers running

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Flexible Tariff Management

Create and amend tariffs for different user groups, optimising revenue generation from your charge points

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User-Friendly Interface

Our charge point management software provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage and update your charge points

We are the only CPO and EV charger installer in the UK who is also an accredited HH data collector, meter operator and IDNO

So why is this important?

At Stark, our IDNO accreditation sets us apart. It’s the key to our ability to energise sites efficiently.

With our extensive networks, we ensure seamless integration of your EV charging infrastructure, making installation management a breeze.

This accreditation means ease, speed, and effective site management.

Plus, our Stark ID energy analytics platform turns EV charging data into actionable insights, allowing you to optimise operations.

So, when you choose Stark, you choose expertise, efficiency, and reliability.

Learn more about EV adoption with our experts

We sat down with the team to tell you a bit more about adoption, and why it’s so important.

You get all the benefits of Stark Charge’s service, without the need for a full replacement or install.

Once we’ve ensured that your EV charger is up to current standards, it’s a simple site visit to check the electricals, re-configure the charger over to Stark Charge, carry out a SIM swap if necessary and update the branding/instructions.

Drivers can conveniently charge their electric vehicles using adopted EV chargers by following these steps:

Our Stark Charge App covers all your chargers, no matter who installed them.

Download the Stark Charge app.


What is a charge point operator?

A charge point operator (CPO) manages and operates a network of charging stations, ensuring their efficient and reliable performance. Stark Charge is a CPO dedicated to providing seamless EV charging experiences.

How do I change my charge point tariff?

Simply contact our Stark Charge Support team, and we’ll handle the tariff changes for you according to your preferences.

Can I set multiple charging tariffs?

Yes, our platform allows you to set different tariffs for various user groups and times of day, maximizing revenue generation from your charge points.

How do I stop members of the public from using my chargers?

We can configure your chargers to be private for approved users only, ensuring exclusive access to charging for your designated users.

How do I use your charge points?

Charging your EV with Stark Charge is easy! Simply locate the nearest charger using our mobile app, connect your vehicle, authenticate the session through the app, monitor the charging progress, end the session when your vehicle is charged, and complete the payment electronically through the app for a seamless and cashless experience.

Can I see how my chargers are being used?

Yes, you can see charger utilisation, who is using them and how that’s impacting your energy consumption on your site. Learn more about energy data services here.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Workplace & Business Charging page.

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Want to learn more?

Visit our Installation and Maintenance page.

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Get in touch today to simplify your EV charging operations through EV adoption and charge point management software with Stark Charge.