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Adoption of EV charge points: an efficient, fast and simple solution to elevate your EV charging experience.

Streamline your EV charge points by bringing them into Stark Charge.

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Simplify your workplace EV charging experience with one point of contact

Your all-in-one Installer, Charge Point Operator and Data Provider


At Stark, we specialise in the adoption of your current EV chargers and enhancing them with advanced analytics and data-driven solutions. Moreover, by adopting your existing Charge Points with Stark Charge, you can unlock the full potential of your EV charging network and gain valuable insights to optimise charging operations, improve efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Furthermore, in our Stark ID Analytics platform, you can view your building consumption and EV data all in one place.


Why choose Stark to adopt your existing Workplace EV Charge Points?

Data-driven decision making

Gain access to data analytics and reporting tools, empowering you to make informed decisions

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Seamless and reliable charging

Experience enhanced nationwide maintenance & 24/7 support with our in-house team

green open hand holding gas, electricity water signifying we handle any utility
Optimise energy usage

Contribute to sustainability goals by maximising the efficiency of your EV chargers and minimising energy waste

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Efficient energy management

Unlock cost savings through efficient energy management, demand response strategies, and optimised maintenance

Dedicated account manager

Benefit from full support during and after the process from a dedicated account manager, EV experts and project teams

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Proactive maintenance and performance monitoring

Stay ahead of maintenance issues with real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and predictive maintenance

Learn more about EV adoption with our experts

We sat down with the team to tell you a bit more about adoption, and why it’s so important.

Unlock insights on your EV consumption

Why choose Stark to adopt your existing Workplace EV Charge Points?

We specialise in integrating cutting-edge analytics and data management solutions to capture valuable insights from your EV charging infrastructure.

Additionally, our services include real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and predictive maintenance, ensuring optimal charging experiences and minimising downtime.

By leveraging these advanced solutions, you can optimise your EV chargers, improve user experiences, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Benefits of adopting your Workplace EV Charge Points

By adopting your workplace EV charge points with Stark, you gain access to comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools. Furthermore, these tools enable you to make informed decisions regarding your EV charging infrastructure.

Moreover, you can identify important usage patterns, peak demand periods, and opportunities for optimisation based on real-time data. This valuable information allows you to effectively manage and optimise your EV charging operations, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Putting your employees first

Enhance your employees’ charging experience with improved convenience and reliability. Our intelligent charging management and optimised infrastructure deployment ensure seamless charging operations.

Furthermore, drivers will appreciate the hassle-free experience of using a single app for all chargers. By prioritising your employees’ needs, you create a user-friendly and efficient EV charging environment.

Adoption process

Consolidating your existing chargers into one maintenance platform​ for an easier way to manage all your charge points.


What are the benefits of Stark Charge adopting existing EV chargers?

You get all the benefits of Stark Charge’s service, without the need for a full replacement or install.

  1. Optimised Management: We handle operations for peak performance and minimal downtime.
  2. Network Expansion: Your chargers join our wide network, boosting visibility for EV drivers.
  3. Enhanced Technology: We upgrade chargers for better user experiences.
  4. Maintenance Excellence: Our team ensures consistent functionality and swift issue resolution.
  5. Responsive Support: Charger owners and EV drivers receive timely customer support.
  6. Data Separation: Stark Charge’s standout feature is isolating charger data from building energy data. This maintains your energy management strategies intact while offering efficient EV charging services.

What is adoption?

Adoption refers to the process by which Stark Charge takes over the management, and operation of existing EV chargers that meet the OCPP 1.5/1.6 compliance standards.

What charge points can you adopt?

We can adopt any working EV Charge Point that is OCPP 1.5/1.6 compliant.

How does Stark Charge adopt existing EV chargers?

Stark Charge adopts existing EV chargers by taking over the operational responsibilities. This involves an assessment of the charger’s condition, compatibility with OCPP 1.6, and integration into Stark Charge’s network. Once adopted, we ensure seamless management and operation of the charger, offering a hassle-free experience to both charger owners and EV drivers.

We first need to ensure that the EV charger is up to current standards before adopting. Once we’ve carried out these checks, it’s a simple site visit to check the electricals, re-configure the charger over to Stark Charge, carry out a SIM swap if necessary and update the branding/instructions.

What maintenance is included for adopted EV Charge Points?

Stark Charge provides comprehensive maintenance for adopted EV charge points. This includes 24/7 support via our UK based helpline, troubleshooting, software updates and maintenance visits. Our goal is to ensure that the adopted chargers remain in optimal working condition, minimizing any disruptions in charging services.

What are the benefits of Stark Charge adopting existing EV chargers?

You get all the benefits of Stark Charge’s service, without the need for a full replacement or install.

Drivers can conveniently charge their electric vehicles using adopted EV chargers by following these steps:

  1. Locate Charger: Use our Stark Charge mobile app to find the nearest charger within the Stark Charge network.
  2. Connect: Plug the charging cable into your vehicle and the charger.
  3. Scan or Authenticate: Scan the QR code on the charger and authenticate through the app to initiate the charging session. Click start charging.
  4. Monitor Charging: Through the app, monitor the charging progress.
  5. End Session: Once your vehicle is charged, end the session through the app or by following the provided instructions.
  6. Payment: Payment is handled electronically through the app, ensuring a seamless and cashless experience.

Get in touch today to simplify your workplace EV charging experience through EV adoption.