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EV charging data analytics

Combine your EV charging data into your energy strategy

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Protect your energy strategy.

EV charging creates new points of energy consumption.

If it’s your job to manage energy and you ignore your EV chargers, then you have a big problem.

That’s why we treat your EV charging like it’s another utility.

We provide daily data in our online analytics platform Stark ID.

So you can separate your EV charging sessions and continue to monitor your building’s energy without confusion.

ev charge points to convey fleet (vans, cars)

EV charging creates random peaks of consumption in your building’s energy data.

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Daily data access

Access to Stark ID included with all Stark Charge charge points

Easily separate EV data from Building data

Powerful analytics reports to make your data work harder

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Optimise energy usage

Contribute to sustainability goals by maximising the efficiency of your EV chargers and minimising energy waste

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Efficient energy management

Unlock cost savings through efficient energy management, demand response strategies, and optimised maintenance

Dedicated account manager

Benefit from full support during and after the process from a dedicated account manager, EV experts and project teams

Green Analytics profile analysis
Proactive maintenance and performance monitoring

Stay ahead of maintenance issues with real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and predictive maintenance

Treat your EV charging data like another utility

Only Stark Charge & Analytics can separate
EV charging from your building consumption.


Expert metering support

Where Stark Connect provides your metering services, you’ll see better service, delivery and maintenance.

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Seamless switchover

Benefit from a seamless transition to Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement for all your Non-Half Hourly & Traditional meters with our fully managed process.

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Get in touch today to simplify your workplace EV charging experience through EV adoption.