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EV Charge Point hardware to suit every workplace

Our in-house team of EV engineers will deliver the charge point solution with hardware we’ve tested.

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As EV charge point hardware develops.
So do we.

We keep our options open by constantly seeking and testing out new EV charge point hardware options – so you get the most reliable, accurate EV charge points for your workplaces.


We apply the same rigorous testing standards with the EV hardware we install as all our other metering services.

Our Bristol office is a test hub for all Net Zero hardware, including EV charge points. Come and visit us there and see what we are up to.


What size EV chargers does your business need?

EV charge point charger icon
Fast charge (7kW-22kW)
  • Adds 20-30 miles per hour of charge
  • Perfect for most businesses
EV charge point charger icon
Rapid charge point (43kW+)
  • Adds 60-90 miles per hour of charge
  • If you have fleets charging at depots or need charge sessions less than 1 hour

We work with any type of charge point hardware, so you get the best solution.


Multi-site or single installs, our team have you covered.


We provide full maintenance to all installed and adopted charge points

As your Charge Point Operator, we’ll monitor maintenance issues and perform remote and site fixes if they occur.

Whether we’ve installed your workplace chargers or we’ve adopted any existing ones we provide the same maintenance – we don’t leave any out.

If drivers have problems during charging sessions, we provide a 24/7/365 support line too.


How long do the chargers take to charge a typical car fully?

This is a sum of the car battery kW divided by the charger kW. Therefore, a 7kW battery on a 7kW charger would take 1 hour or a 14kW battery on a 7kW charger would take 2 hours, and so on. Different car models have different battery sizes, however a common size could be 50kW – therefore this would take roughly 7 hours to charge on a 7kW charger.

What does hardware agnostic mean?

It means we can provide CPO services to any charger which is open charge point protocol (OCPP) compliant. This means we have a wide selection of charge points we can choose to install and adopt.

Can you provide signage or painted bays to help EV zones stand out?

Yes, we have partners to help us do this, and we’ve done it at our Bristol office too.

Do you only install certain models of chargers?

No, we are not exclusive to any charge point manufacturer, however we do have preferred chargers we like to install. As EV technology is changing rapidly, we have a product team who constantly review the chargers we install so that we are installing the best products for you, with the latest technology.

What is EV infrastructure?

EV infrastructure refers to the chargers themselves, as well as associated hardware needed for an EV charger install. This can include cabling, ducting, distribution boards, poles etc.

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