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Data Analytics for workplace EV charge points

Continue energy cost savings with essential EV data

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Business EV charge points create a new point of energy use – don’t let them cloud your building data analytics

We are the UK’s only EV charging solutions provider that gives you a comprehensive data analytics service. 

We apply over 40 years of experience in energy data analytics to our Stark Charge service. So you can seamlessly integrate your charge point energy consumption into your existing building data.

Continue saving energy costs, reporting on your scope emissions, and working towards Net Zero with accurate data and total confidence. 

And with Stark ID our analytics platform, you’ll have everything you need to make workplace EV charge data a breeze. 

EV charging with analytics
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Continue cost savings

No disruption to existing building efficiency measures

Enhance carbon programmes

No confusion about electricity use

Green Analytics profile analysis
Easy EV energy management

Access EV kWh session data analytics

Elevate your EV charging

Why does Data Analytics matter for EV chargers?

Effective building energy and carbon management relies on accurate, granular energy data and your EV chargers add new points of electricity consumption.

To maintain your existing energy management strategy, you must attribute what electricity is used in your buildings and your EV charge points.

Our innovations protect your data

As the only Charge Point Operator who are also an accredited Data Collector, we empower our workplace EV customers to protect their data and their Net Zero journeys.

Our ability to turn your EV consumption into Half hourly data and seamlessly present it as kWh consumption in Stark ID helps you secure the vital granular data you need for building energy management.

Stark ID our energy data analytics platform is used by hundreds of companies to identify energy waste and save costs. And now we are putting EV consumption in there too – just like it’s another utility.


As Data Collector and Charge Point Operator we put your energy data first.

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EV chargers create new consumption

Your EV charge points are a new source of electricity use for your buildings.

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Cause disruption to your energy data

They create random peaks of energy use which disrupts your energy management strategies.

We integrate your EV data with your building data

We turn your EV energy use into Half Hourly data so you can monitor it like any other utility.

FAQs: EV Data Analytics

How do I know how much of my building’s electricity consumption is from my EV chargers?

On our energy data analytics platform Stark ID we have a useful tool which enables you to split out your EV charging data from your site data, with the click of a button.

Will installing EV chargers make energy management impossible?

EV chargers are powerful and can use up lots of electricity. For some businesses, you could see your electricity consumption double with EV charging. It is therefore important to choose an energy management platform which can integrate your EV chargers and electricity meter data in one place. By doing this, you can separate your EV charging from your building usage, so you can continue being able to visualise and manage your energy.

How do I track and monitor my data?

Utilise our energy data analytics platform, Stark ID, to efficiently track and monitor your data. Our platform offers intuitive tools for seamless data management and insightful analysis, helping you stay informed and in control of your energy consumption patterns.

Can I use my charging data to identify where we need more chargers?

Yes. With Stark ID league tables you can rank your EV charger performance to determine highest and lowest consuming charge points and identify sites where you need more EV chargers. For low consuming charge points, this might show that your charging tariff is too high for drivers.

Can I get a demo of Stark ID?

Yes. for in-depth training on the full capabilities of Stark ID, email

Contact us today to discuss your EV data options