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Workplace and Business EV charging

Build a future-proofed business EV charging network that saves you money in the long run.

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Simplified EV charging solutions

Our comprehensive approach streamlines business EV charging with efficient installations, cost-effective solutions, robust management tools, and expert support.

Experience worry-free business EV charging with us, freeing up your time to increase revenue and footfall

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We help beyond installation

Providing a full end-to-end solution that prioritises data and efficiency

High-quality EV data

We’re the UK’s only EV charging provider to separate EV charging sessions from building data

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Like any other utility

We treat EV charging just like any other utility, meaning that your consumption can be managed on our analytics platform, Stark ID

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CPO software

Our software assists with admin across sites so you have everything you need, all under one roof

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OZEV approved

We are OZEV-approved to qualify for savings with grants, ensuring you get the best value for your money with your business EV charging

MID approved

Our EV chargers meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing reliability and compliance with market requirements


There are three different purchase options that all provide a more affordable solution for the long term.

Capital purchase

Benefit from grant funding. Full autonomous flexibility on tariff management

Lease purchase

Benefit from spreading the cost. Full autonomous flexibility on tariff management.

Fully funded

No upfront cost. Tariff management consigned to Stark Charge.

Interested? Speak with our EV Charging Experts about next steps.


Selecting the right chargers for your business EV charging is crucial

There are a wide range of EV chargers available, catering for any project from commercial rapid charge locations, workplace/retail charging and domestic/on street solutions.

Our range of chargers, ranging from 7kW to 22kW, ensures efficient charging for all EV models.

All our chargers are OCPP-compliant, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability.

Four different types of ev charge points

Manage multiple charge points across different sites, set tariffs, and monitor usage seamlessly

Take control of your charging network with the Stark Charge portal

Our user-friendly interface provides drivers with easy access and oversight of their charging sessions


The best employee benefit to help your staff and the planet.

Save your employees up to 60% on their new electric car with our EV salary sacrifice partner, loveelectric.

Their scheme allows your employees to unlock savings of up to 60% on new and used EVs: an equivalent of a £10,000+ raise at no cost to you.

We have it as a benefit for our employees, with many already loving their new EVs.

Why loveelectric?

  • Completely cost-neutral for the employer
  • Maximum protection from Day 1
  • Everything included: insurance, maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover and at-home charging options
  • Knock Scope-3 emissions on the head without spending a penny

Ready to enquire? Contact loveelectric here.

Our customers give us their thoughts

"I’d recommend Stark Charge – the end to end service and support has been second to none. Being able to provide our customers with an EV charging solution from a provider I can trust is so important."

Daniel RodiaManaging Director, Total Energies Solutions


What are the benefits of workplace charging?

  • Convenient EV charging during work hours.
  • Attracts and retains EV-driving employees. Including those with no access to home charging because of a lack of off-street parking.
  • Lowers carbon footprint, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Meets emissions targets and may qualify for incentives.
  • Lower charging costs compared to public options.
  • Contributes to the UK’s clean mobility objectives.
  • Positions your company for the evolving EV landscape.

Is workplace EV charging free?

Workplace EV charging policies vary, with some employers offering free charging as an employee benefit, while others may implement a charging fee to cover electricity costs or manage demand.

What charger is best for my workplace?

As most employees will stay at a workplace for 8 hours, you only need 7kW fast chargers. This will fill up vehicles throughout the day, so they go home with a full battery. There is always the option to add a couple of 22kW fast chargers to the mix, giving a couple of faster charging options for visitors staying a few hours.

Want to find out more?

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Learn more as we outline everything you need to know including benefits and any key concerns.

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