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Design, installation & maintenance for all your multi utility metering needs

We’ve got you covered with our teams across Stark Connect.

As a Meter Operator and Meter Asset Manager, we are equipped to handle any project across the UK.

Whether you are interested in drilling down with sub-meters or want the same data insight for your gas, our electricity team and gas team can help.

Stark Connect Services

We deliver the best quality energy data to our customers which relies on a foundation of strong and well-maintained metering services.

So whether we’re adopting existing meters, installing new ones, doing your new connections or disconnections, our in-house, national delivery and maintenance teams provide expert support.

And we don’t stop there.

Stark ID Data Health will give you a transparent and honest picture of your meters making it much easier to manage your portfolio and get ahead of faults.


We are an independent Meter Operator

We are an independent nationally accredited Meter Operator and work with every energy supplier across the UK, using the latest technology tailored to suit every project.

Expert support with flexible options

In the Stark Connect team, we are focussed on the installation and maintenance of all types of meters to ensure data flows without interruptions.

Whether you want us to adopt your existing meters, install new ones or provide new connections or removals, we can help.

We have our own team of skilled in-house engineers and specialist support teams to help you through all aspects of your metering journey.

We provide Smart and Advanced meters

We deliver all types of installation from Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and smart meters (SMETS2).

Whether supporting suppliers with their Smart Meter Implementation Plan roll-outs or individual organisations with competitive Meter Operator contracts for Advanced meters, we have the technology and expertise to help you succeed.


Our Gas Meter Asset Management offer is like nothing else out there

In 2017, we became a Meter Asset Manager and embarked on a mission to bring a better data quality experience for gas.

All our gas services come with daily data in Stark ID. That’s what makes us different.

We provide your critical daily gas data on Stark ID as standard, so you can evaluate your gas consumption and look for ways to save money and reduce carbon.

We are the first non-National Grid Meter Asset Manager to adopt a high-pressure gas meter asset. Meaning you can now get your High-Pressure meters with Stark quality daily data.

Gain control by choosing your Gas Meter Asset Manager

All utilities can suffer the administrative difficulties of having multiple metering agents and gas is no different.

One of the biggest causes of a poor gas data experience is where a default gas meter agent is selected by a supplier, and the customer is not part of the decision making.

You have the legal right to choose your own gas agent – it’s easy.  Take control of how your meters are run, have a direct connection to the agent and get a better data service through Stark Connect.

We put you first with maintenance and daily gas data

As your Meter Asset Manager we provide expert maintenance and direct support to keep your daily gas data up to date.

We also offer a logger only service, so you can choose the optimal time to switch up your gas meter agents and still get an improved gas maintenance and data experience.


Compliant hardware for accurate tenant recharge

With our Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) approved electricity sub-metering hardware, your tenant recharging will be in line with government rulings.

We can help you assess if your existing sub-meters are MID compliant.

Our Analytics can run tenant invoices based on actual consumption too, to make life post-install much easier.

Target high consuming equipment or specific areas

By installing sub-metering at strategic locations within your building portfolio you can identify efficiency opportunities with pinpoint accuracy.

Our experienced engineers can help you determine where they need to go during our thorough surveys and pre-install consultations.

With sub-metering you can see exactly where energy is wasted and where you can save money.

Expert installation with hardware options and full support

Central to delivery of thousands of projects every year across the UK, our ‘any utility, any site’ approach means we adapt to your business needs – so you get the best value with the most transparency.

We are not exclusive to any hardware manufacturer so you can have the right solution.

If we can re-use your existing hardware, we will.

Our scheduling and installation teams have vast experience of simple and complex jobs, making sure you get the best service and a streamlined delivery.

Maintenance is the key to successful metering

Full maintenance

We are responsible for all maintenance whatever service you choose. Working meters mean better data.

National in-house engineers

Whether you choose our MOP, MAM or logger service, our in-house, national delivery and maintenance teams provide expert support to ensure that data gaps are minimised.

Better quality data insights, faster

By choosing the right metering partner, you enhance your metering experience and opportunities reducing waste, a critical move towards a Net Zero future.

Our gas team and electricity teams can help.

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