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Business electricity meter solutions

Enhance better energy data with our end-to-end electricity metering solutions

Our electricity meters are the best foundation for great data.

Regrettably, most metering services fail to meet customer expectations.

But we pride ourselves on being different.

We will install, maintain and provide handheld read services for all your electricity meters, enhancing the quality of data you receive.

Stark Connect provide smart meter services for Advanced and SMETS meters

Nationwide engineers plus approachable support teams for your end-to-end metering services.

Fully managed service

We provide a fully end-to-end service, from new connections, install, adoption, maintenance and sub-meters all supported by our expert teams

Approachable expertise

Our operations & support teams are friendly and full of knowledge. No project is too large or complex

Nationwide engineers & meter readers

Our skilled expert engineers operate nationwide to deliver the metering services, maintenance and handheld reads you need for great data

Settlement & Sub-meter solutions

We provide settlement and sub-metering to ensure all your metering services are streamlined from a trusted source

Enhanced energy data

Where Stark Connect are your Meter Operator, you can enjoy better data quality, billing and settlement with fewer data gaps

Complex project design

Our expertise and support is on-hand to complete your most complex metering requirements without fuss


Enjoy superior results when you combine Stark Data & Connect

Our data and metering services are designed to work together, resulting in improved energy data, settlement and billing performance.

It’s a simple solution that can make a big difference.


Our well-maintained electricity meter services are your foundation for great data

Businesses & Consultants - Meter Operation & support

Advanced – also known as Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) meters –  are a type of smart meter.

We recommend Advanced meters for businesses for these clear benefits:

  • Retain control & choice – Advanced meters give you full control over who maintains your meters
  • Interoperable – if you switch suppliers, your Advanced meter will stay smart
  • Robust – Advanced meters have all the capabilities required to handle any commercial use, including export
  • Reliable – Advanced meters have been in use for over 40 years and counting

Importantly, you control who maintains these meters as the industry moves through Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS).

New connections, installations, adoptions and exports are all covered.

Plus, your entire project will be fully managed and maintained during your time with us.

Contact us today to discuss your portfolio – big or small.

Check out our MHHS-dedicated page to learn more.

Suppliers - Meter Operation & tailored services

Have confidence with our comprehensive managed service for suppliers, developed from our decades of established relationships:

  • Change of Agent migrations
  • Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement migrations
  • Settlement & Meter performance reports
  • Advanced and SMETS Data & Metering solutions
  • Traditional meter innovations for Faster volumes of Handheld reads
  • Regular calls & actionable insights

Our established relationships with specialist operations & support teams mean streamlined, faster migration experiences for our suppliers.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

Settlement metering services

As an accredited meter operator we install, adopt and maintain all Code of Practise metering systems for businesses and suppliers.

We are an independent nationally accredited Meter Operator and work with every energy supplier across the UK.

Plus, if you choose Stark Data for your data services, you’ll enjoy an enhanced experience.

Our settlement performance shows a distinct advantage where both Stark Connect and Stark Data services are used together.

Contact us to ask about our settlement services

Generation - Import & Export

Our engineers and support teams are specialists in providing metering for distributed generation sites.

  • Settlement Import/Export metering
  • Micro-generation sites
  • Large solar and wind farms
  • High or low-voltage

We also provide generation or feed-in tariff (FiT) metering to measure the total generation following industry standards.

Also, with Stark Data you get energy insights with our platform Stark ID as standard.

Plus, Stark Zero is on hand to support you with further generation or storage solutions.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Electricity sub-metering

We provide and install a sub-metering tailored to your needs so that you can turn your buildings and processes into energy-saving machines.

Our project delivery teams fully manage your journey, across the UK & NI, ROI, the Channel Islands & Isle of Mann.

From the survey, installation, maintenance & data, our service is truly end-to-end.

Plus all your Stark Data and Stark ID are provided as standard.

So you can manage your energy, create custom invoices for tenants, and optimise your processes.

For Gas sub-metering, our Stark Works gas-trained engineers can help.

I am extremely happy with how it’s been working. We have been replacing up to 5 meters a day in certain areas which is great. I can’t thank the Stark engineers enough for their hard work. They go above and beyond to ensure the meter is replaced which has helped the numbers increase massively.

United UtilitiesProject Coordinator – Energy Metering Bioresource and Energy Services

We’re ready for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement.

Choose your Meter Operator wisely.

Learn more about Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement in our Latest News.

Planning ahead with hourglass and calendar

25th April 2025

Migration of meters starts in April 2025, ahead of Elexon’s deadline of October 2026. Take action now to ensure you have the right Meter partner.

Choose your MOP & DC now

MHHS focuses on what type of meter you have installed:
Advanced or SMETS.
Choose Advanced to control your meters.

We are MHHS ready

We already operate Non-Half Hourly meters to Half Hourly standards. So we can remotely reconfigure your meters for MHHS.
No meter exchanges, no fuss.

Tinisha TrumanProject Coordinator – Energy Metering Bioresource and Energy Services, United Utilities

I can’t thank the Stark engineers enough for their hard work. They go above and beyond to ensure the meter is replaced which has helped the numbers increase massively. I am extremely happy with how it’s been working with us having our field resource engineer at United Utilities and a dedicated Stark engineer to accompany them to replace the meters.

Ed SpurHead of Corporate, Full Power Utilities

Competitive and reliable, I find Stark's comprehensive product offering provides excellent service and value.

Simon PhillipsRegional Contract Director, Telereal Trillum DWP

Installation of smart meters across our estate has made the single biggest contribution to reducing waste by allowing better management of resources.

Nicola WatersChief Operating Officer, Primrose Solar

Stark’s reliable metering and near real time data collection services are essential for the effective management of our solar farms. The data tells us precisely how much energy each site generates, helping us drive growth and profitability

Keith WebberEnergy & Utilities Manager, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust

Without access to the energy consumption data we get from Stark we wouldn’t have been able to make accurate proposals for our bid to the scheme and prove how the use of LED’s and solar panels could benefit the overall energy performance of our sites.

Hyder MohammadHead of Sustainability, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Whether you are an Energy Manager or Financial Director, access to energy data is very, very important. Stark is very reliable to have that level of granularity of the data, helping us closely manage our energy consumption, carbon and finances.

Charles Pipe MScEnergy Manager, London Borough of Hounslow

Going forward we’re going to have a multitude of projects, and without having Stark’s metering and Stark ID, I couldn’t do it with any degree of guaranteed granularity or accuracy.

David MinnsMaintenance & Operations Manager, Magdalen School

Stark has installed meters on all our incoming electrical supplies, which they monitor 24/7, the data they provide has proved invaluable in our sustainability drive.


Our smart meter services save our customers costs and carbon

Discover a better smart meter service


Do I need a Meter Operator?

Yes. You are required to have a Meter Operator for your settled electricity supplies. Stark Connect is an accredited, independent Meter Operator working with all low and high voltage suppliers and meter types.

What are your Accreditations?

At Stark Connect we are a fully accredited Meter Operator plus qualified for

Advanced Meter Services (ADS) and Smart Metering Service (SMS) for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement.

Read more about our Accreditations here.

What is Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement?

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement is Ofgem’s programme, managed by Elexon, to settle all the UK’s electricity in Half Hourly by October 2026.

30 million meters – both domestic and commercial – will switch to Half Hourly data.

The focus will move from if you have Half Hourly and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) meters to Advanced and SMETS meters.

Migration of NHH and Traditional meters will start in April 2025, so make sure you choose your Metering and Data service partners ahead of the switch. 

Read more in our Insights, MHHS section.

What's the difference between Advanced and SMETS meters?

Both Advanced and SMETS are types of smart meters.

Both have remote communication capability, so participate in Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement and Net Zero energy-saving measures.

Advanced meters 

Advanced meters are also called Automatic Meter Readers AMR meters.

  • They are Reliable, robust and interoperable between suppliers and what we use for all our commercial customers
  • We maintain them and collect data directly under Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement
  • You retain control

SMETS meters

Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications, or SMETS meters, were introduced for the UK government’s Smart Meter Implementation Plan.

This obligates suppliers to install smart meters and will offer SMETS meters to customers.

Customers can opt out of the SMETS smart meter rollout and choose Advanced meters, which still counts towards the suppliers’ obligations.

  • SMETS meters will have data collected by the new centralised company, rather than specialist Data collectors like Stark

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