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Gas Meters & Loggers

Unlock energy & cost savings with daily data with our fully maintained gas meter & logger services, with support beyond the installation.

Increase value for money with our data-focused gas meter solutions.

Not all businesses can move away from gas to support Net Zero targets.

This means you need reliable, well-maintained gas meters and loggers providing daily 30-minute interval data are essential.

With our data focus, we maintain our customers’ gas meter and logger portfolios to ensure the best quality gas data to find waste and cost savings.


Our Data-focused Gas meter & logger solutions put you first.

Find cost savings faster

With daily data in Stark ID as standard, we see our customers save on their gas consumption every day

Enhance value for money

By taking advantage of our unique access to Gas MAM daily data you can save the cost of loggers and focus on finding waste

Fully maintained portfolio

Our automated reports, unique online maintenance tool Stark ID Data Health and in-house engineering team keep your portfolio working

Full project management

Our expert teams take your project from design to delivery plus your dedicated account manager is on hand throughout.

Take control of your meters

Gas Meter Asset Management gives you control of your gas meters for the first time. You have the right to choose your MAM, so use it

Unlock insight and savings

All our gas metering and logger services provide access to daily data in Stark ID to target waste, save costs and carbon faster across your portfolio


Meter Asset Managers are not required to give you daily data.

We do.

Right to choose

You have the right to choose your Gas MAM which you pay for in your supply invoices.

No more surprises

Control who connects loggers to your meter & when exchanges happen

Unlock your data

Access the vital daily data you need to find waste & save further costs without hassle

Full gas meter & data service

We are accredited as:

  • Meter Asset Provider (MAP) – funds the metering & Hardware
  • Meter Asset Manager (MAM) – design, installation & maintenance
  • Asset Service Provider (ASP) – the data logger

Together these 3 elements make up our Gas MAM solution.

That means we perform the gas meter design, supply, installation, maintenance and data provision.

A fully end-to-end service managed by our delivery teams.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

Billed through supply invoice

All Gas MAM services are billed in the supplier’s invoice.

Our solution is no different.

So there’s no need for a new budget for a gas logger roll-out project, for example.

You should see no increase in gas MAM charges through the supply bill as we are competitively priced.

No minimum term

Because we provide our Gas MAM service through nomination, there is no fixed-term contract in place.

So no minimum term or termination charges if you leave a building or site.

We receive an appointment from the supplier to perform MAM activities, and away we go.

Adoption first approach

We always try to adopt your existing gas meter first.

It’s a more sustainable approach and reduces disruption from meter exchanges.

We’ll contact the MAM on your behalf to make arrangements.

If the MAM does not respond, then we will exchange the meter.

Daily data in Stark ID

Across the gas industry, Gas MAMs are not required to provide daily data to customers.

We are different.

With over 40 years in energy data and Net Zero targets now in force, we know your gas data is essential.

We collect 30-minute interval (half-hourly) data made available on Stark ID alongside your other utilities

So you can deploy your energy strategies with confidence & ease.

Full maintenance

Our in-house teams of engineers keep your gas meters working.

Our goal is for the best quality data for you which means working meters.

We do this with our robust reporting and in-house team of expert gas & AMR engineers, working nationwide to fix faults fast.

Unlock your gas meter potential today


Our gas logger solution gives fast roll-outs with cost certainty

We are always testing new technologies to bring you the most robust loggers available.

Our gas logger solution connects to any gas meter with a working pulsed output.

Our delivery teams will fully manage the process, including Meter Point Utilisation charges where required.

With no gas-off time required, loggers can provide a simple solution for daily gas data in Stark ID.


Our comprehensive service covers your gas new connections too.

Our new connections experts in Stark Works are ready to support all your connections and disconnections to the gas network.

All new connections come with gas MAM service and data too.

Max PolsonNew Connections Manager, Yorkshire Gas & Power

Everyone has a gas industry background and can work around any issues. They pull it out of the bag every time, with other companies you just don’t get that service.

Simon PhillipsRegional Contract Director, Telereal Trillum DWP

Installation of smart meters across our estate has made the single biggest contribution to reducing waste by allowing better management of resources.

Charles Pipe MScEnergy Manager, London Borough of Hounslow

Going forward we’re going to have a multitude of projects, and without having Stark’s metering and Stark ID, I couldn’t do it with any degree of guaranteed granularity or accuracy.

Phillip KinsellaManaging Director, GLP Consulting Engineers

Where the bigger utility providers were unable to resolve our issue, the Stark Works team provided prompt and concise technical advice with a network capacity check, design and gas meter replacement, which resolved all the issues

Speak to our team today

FAQs: Gas Meters & Loggers

What is a Gas Meter Asset Manager?

A Gas Meter Asset Manager is required to design, install and maintain any gas meter.

It’s similar to the Meter Operator for electricity meters.

You have to have one and their services are paid through the supply invoice.

We promote the right of the customer to choose their own MAM, and create a customer-first approach.

Contact us to discuss your portfolio.

What is nomination for Gas MAM?

We use nomination methods instead of direct contracts for Half Hourly data, Non-Half Hourly metering & data and Gas Meter Asset Management.

It’s simply an instruction to the supplier confirming that you choose Stark as your Gas Meter Asset Manager (MAM).

We provide the template letter for you to sign and send.

Then we can receive the appointment from the supplier and get to work.

Contact us to find out more, or discuss your portfolio.

What is the installation process?

Here are our customer journeys for gas MAM and gas loggers.

Gas MAM customer journey: Click here

Gas Logger customer journey: Click here


If you have any questions please contact us here.

What are your Accreditations?

We hold the following accreditations which allow us to work safely in the gas meter & logger market:

  • Gas Safe Register
  • Code of Practice for Approved Meter Installers (AMICoP)
  • Code of Practice for Gas Meter Asset Managers (MAMCoP)

Read more about our Accreditations here.

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