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Sub-meter installation for electricity & gas

Fully managed, tailored sub-meter installations with our support & maintenance.

Well-maintained sub-meters give you the best value for money.

From design, installation and data to maintenance and ongoing support, we have the people and processes in place.

All our sub-meter installations come with daily data in our Stark ID analytics platform and maintenance services.


Sub-meter installations by the experts.

Bespoke hardware

Tailored to suit your budget and project

Flexible payment options

Lease and purchase options, competitive pricing

Full maintenance

Nationwide responsive maintenance

Fully managed project

Experienced coordination of entire project

Insights into energy use

Daily Data and Stark ID analytics with all our sub-meters

Ongoing support

Friendly, approachable support throughout your time with us


Installation process

Contact us to discuss your next project

Sub-meter install & maintenance FAQs

Do you use MID approved meters?

Yes, we use MID-approved meters, so they are ready to go for tenant recharging and can be relied on for accuracy.

Why are MID-approved sub-meters important as a hardware option?

MID is the Measuring Instruments Directive the UK government uses to approve certain meter makes & models.

Read more about MID-approved meters on the government website here

You need a MID-approved meter to recharge tenants, so we like to use them for all our installations.

Contact us to discuss your portfolio.

What is the sub-meter installation process?

We always survey first, then quote so you have a full specification and comprehensive quotation.

Once the contracts are signed, we’ll schedule the installations and then make sure we can collect data from the meters and set them up on Stark ID.

We’ll manage maintenance on the meters & keep them working.

Plus you can check their status in Stark ID Data Health too.

Access our simple customer journey document here for electric sub-meters

If you have any questions please contact us here.

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