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Laser accurate data collection that saves you time and money

Here at Stark, everything starts with Data. It’s the foundation for effective energy management and successful Net Zero ambitions. As a data led business, we have the expertise to cast the widest net to collect the highest quality data.

Data is at the heart of what we do.

Accurate, reliable and timely data provides you with the opportunities to reduce energy waste, save money and benchmark your success to maintain efficiencies.

Our expertise over 40 years has evolved; investing in technology and our teams, to deliver the best quality data. Growing from a small family business to managing over 33% of the UK’s I&C market today.

We’re unlocking the power of complete and accurate data, making it easier for you to accelerate insights to take action.

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Stark Data services

Data Retrieval | Data Collection | Data Aggregation Expertise

We are the data experts for all utilities. Check out our services below.


Electricity | Half hourly data

We consistently rank within top tiers in supplier benchmarks. We provide a streamlined service to manage appointments when you change supplier to reduce the risk of data gaps.

Electricity | Non half hourly data

We have flexible contract options meaning no termination fees.

As a Group, Stark can give you a high-quality metering and data service experience than ever before, including NHH AMR and SMART metering solutions.


Gas | Defining an equivalent standard for gas data

We have created a whole new standard around gas solutions for our customers by providing them with the same high-quality metering and data services as we do for their electricity.

The gas market is still catching up with the guidance and transparency the electricity market currently employs. It can often be a struggle to get the same level of visibility on gas consumption data. We want to change that!

We provide high quality gas data, supported by a strong maintenance services to ensure data is accurate and gaps are minimised.


Water | Half hourly data

We know the difficulty of managing water data, with the underground location of water meters often affecting how complete the data can be.

Our maintenance and delivery teams support customers in managing their water loggers to help keep data complete.

We provide our same quality 30-minute interval data for our water loggers as we do for our other services.


Gas and Electricity | Sub Metering

We have expert engineers for electricity and gas sub-metering both providing our high levels of granular 30-minute interval data.

We make it easy to provide tenant recharging, circuit level monitoring and help break up your equipment and buildings into actionable areas for targeting energy efficiency.


For pinpoint accuracy across your sites

Sub-metering increases the granularity of your data experience by going one step further than standard meters.

Highlighting actual consumption across a building, by tenant, specific floors, machinery or technology.

And it’s not just for electricity data, we are one of the first to offer the same quality data insights for gas sub-meter consumption too.

Get on board with sub-metering. It’s a masterful stroke of genius for anyone looking to save money and reduce waste.

Image shows how Sub-meters help split energy consumption into areas. Assists you with having the highest quality data

Data for all your needs


• Accurate bills
• High settlement performance


• Insight to optimise decisions
• Add value for your clients with timely accurate data and reports

Energy Managers &
business owners

• Prove successful energy efficiency measures
• Secure investment for future energy efficiency projects

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