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Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement

Your decisions today affect your data tomorrow

If you use electricity, then MHHS affects you. 

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) is coming and there’s much to do.

Every electricity meter will be affected.

Half-hourly data is the new standard.

Don’t worry, our hassle-free service will help you navigate MHHS and beyond.

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The biggest change to the UK’s electricity industry in decades.

It will allow better integration of renewable energy, accurate settlement, billing, and more opportunity to shift loads for cheaper energy costs.

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Migration starts April 2025

You need to decide your partners now, ahead of the April 2025 start.
The deadline for completing switchovers is October 2026

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All business & domestic included

All domestic and business electricity supplies will be switched to Half-Hourly settlement & data

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Decide on your Data & Meter partner now

Keep control & enjoy a seamless, hassle-free switchover with
Stark as your partner


Be confident with a seamless switchover

More Choice

Choosing Stark gives you autonomy over your journey through Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement.

As an independent Data & Metering service provider Stark MHHS gives you a direct line to the data you are used to.

Speak to our sales team to get started

More Control

As an independent Data & Metering provider, we will directly dial your meters and collect the data, just like we’ve been doing for decades.

Under MHHS, smart meter data will be collected by a centralised body called the Data Communications Company, run by Capita.

Choosing Stark for Data & Metering services means you bypass this by using Advanced (or AMR) meters and retain your control.

Speak to our sales team to get started

More Stability

Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement requires Data and Metering agents to build new systems to accommodate the new industry changes. 

We’ve built our data systems since 1981 and MHHS is no different.

Our technical infrastructure and architecture are purpose-built to handle HH data volumes – we already manage over a third of the existing HH market today.  

We don’t outsource – we develop, build and test our systems to ensure premium quality results.

Contact us to discover your best options

More Savings

With access to Stark’s best-in-class data, you can make confident decisions on efficiency upgrades, tenant recharges, settlements, and more.

Plus, all our data comes with the Stark ID energy analytics platform – which helps you find waste and save costs.

Contact us to discuss your options

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Essential Data & Metering

We provide your essential Advanced, Smart and Unmetered Data & Metering services for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement

Proprietary System Development

Our in-house software development means more control and dynamic response to industry changes

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Retain direct access to data

With Advanced meters,  you retain direct data collection by Stark.

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Guaranteed service

Keep control and autonomy over your electricity data with our independent Data and Metering services

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Access to powerful visual analytics

Consolidate your Data & Metering with Stark to access powerful Analytics and Net Zero solutions

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Rely on over 40 years of expertise

With over 40 years of experience, we’re the right partner for optimising your MHHS experience

Secure your seamless transition today

Be prepared

Take these steps now

Avoid unexpected power shut downs for meter exchanges

Review your Non-Half Hourly Supplies

Do this to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it comes to switching over to Half Hourly.

  1. Create a list of all your MPANs
  2. Split the list into Half Hourly (HH), Non-Half Hourly (NHH) and Traditional (dumb) meters
  3. Identity what meter types are in place for your NHH estate
    ie Advanced or SMETS or Traditional

Some NHH supplies will already have an Advanced meter, others will have Traditional or Dumb meters and need a power shutdown for the meter exchange.

Take control of your situation today

Contact our team to discuss your NHH & Traditional portfolio

Retain Appointments for existing HH meters

Check all your existing HH MPANs are appointed correctly

MHHS includes a change in how all agents communicate.

For you, this means all your HH meters will be de-appointed – moved off the old system and re-appointed into the new one.

Ensure you have a process to check your HH MPANs are appointed to your preferred partners.

If not appointed, we cannot collect data or handle your meter.

Stark customers use Data Health to save resources & time making this essential check.

Stark ID Data Health shows you:

  • appointment status for all MPANs
  • Supplier and Metering agent

Speak to our sales team to get started

Choose a partner for future savings

Choose your partners for MHHS & Beyond

We already collect HH data from NHH meters, which makes for a seamless switchover.

Plus we have innovative solutions to optimise the new HH data after the switchover.

With over 40 years of expertise, we’re the best when it comes to Half Houry Data.

Contact us to discuss how our Analytics can find savings


We’re already collecting HH data for our NHH meters

We’ve got you covered for Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement and beyond. 

Having Stark for your Data & Metering Services gives you an edge.
A better service with streamlined responsibilities, rather than multiple agents working to different timelines.

Ultimately this gives you better resolutions to queries and better data.

Our knowledge is second to none and we’re continuing to innovate in our approach as we progress towards MHHS deadlines.

We’ve been doing this for years – we’ve got it covered, so you don’t have to worry.

Stark ecosystem from Networks, Data, Metering and Analytics plus EV charging.

Stark Data

Learn more about our Stark Data services

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Stark Connect

Learn more about our Stark Connect metering services

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Optimise your electricity data experience today.

FAQs: Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement

Do I need to worry about Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement?

If you have Non-Half Hourly meters, they will switch to Half Hourly in 2026.

We already collect HH data from the NHH meters we’re responsible for, so switching will be simple with us.

Consider who you want to provide your NHH Data & Metering services now to get ahead of the switch.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

How do I know if MHHS will affect me?

If you have Non-Half Hourly meters, Dumb or Traditional meters or Unmetered supplies, then these will need to switch to Half Hourly data and settlement.

You can check your Data & Metering portfolio in Stark ID, sign in here or ask your current provider for a breakdown of your portfolio by meter type and settlement class.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

Will my NHH meter need to exchanged for a HH one?

Not necessarily.

Most Non-Half Hourly meters can be reconfigured remotely by the Meter Operator to provide Half Hourly data.

If your NHH meter is older, faulty or not compatible for HH data then you will need to exchange it.

Will I see changes to my billing after MHHS?

Half-hourly metering will mean you are charged accurately for the volume and time you consume electricity.

Instead of it being based on the Non-Half Hourly estimated profile or manual meter reads for dumb meters.

This may result in a change depending on how closely your actual consumption matches the estimated profile that has been applied.

You may see changes to the Data & Metering costs as HH usually is more expensive than NHH.

You may also see new non-commodity charges such as Supply Capacity (KVA) charges.

What will change for the better is the new HH granular data you will have access to through Stark ID, to target waste and load shift to save energy costs.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

What is happening to Data Aggregators under MHHS?

The Data Aggregator role will be centralised and performed by Elexon under Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement.

Currently, Data Aggregation is performed competitively by Stark and other industry players.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

Does it matter if I have Advanced or SMETS meters for MHHS?


The Meter type you have under Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement matters.

Stark will continue to collect your data directly from any Advanced meters you have.

Any SMETS meters you have will be collected by the new centralised Data Collections Company run by Capita.

Stark will then be able to access that SMETS data to present to customers in Stark ID as usual.

We recommend customers choose Advanced meters with Stark Data & Metering services to ensure resilience, data continuity and quality under MHHS and beyond.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

Why is MHHS happening?

MHHS is an enabler for Net Zero.

It incentivises Suppliers to encourage their customers to use energy more flexibly throughout the day.  

By implementing a wider load-shifting strategy (where consumers shift their consumption away from peak times) the need for new generation is reduced.

This will also allow the national grid to harness intermittent renewable generation better.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

When is MHHS happening?

For Stark, it’s happening now. We’re building and testing our new systems to make sure we can communicate within the new MHHS operating model.

All Non-Half Hourly meters must be switched to Half Hourly settlement by October 2026 for businesses and consumers.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

Where can I learn more about MHHS?

Bookmark our MHHS section in our Latest News section. Here we regularly publish blogs and articles about MHHS.

Plus we also publish videos on our YouTube channel to help explain our services and MHHS.

Contact us today to discuss MHHS or your Data & Metering portfolio.

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