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Sub-meter data for targeted optimisation

Harness sub-meter data for electricity and gas for more powerful insight

Sub-meter data that gives you the confidence to optimise efficiently.

It’s hard to pinpoint where inefficiencies exist with just a main incoming electricity or gas meter or apportion accurate costs to tenants.

Our comprehensive sub-meter data service for electricity and gas provides you with the accurate data you need.


Accelerate new insights to enhance sustainability and your bottom line

Granular insights for Electricity & Gas

Dive deep into your electricity and gas consumption with precise sub-meter data to identify inefficiencies and optimise your energy decisions

Cost Optimisation

Pinpoint areas of excessive energy usage and implement targeted strategies to reduce operational costs, ultimately improving your bottom line

Billing Accuracy

Ensure fair and transparent billing for tenants or departments based on actual energy usage, creating trust and accountability

Sustainability monitoring

Measure and manage carbon emissions effectively, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals and contributing to a greener future

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations by identifying energy inefficiencies, leading to enhanced productivity and performance across your organisation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage actionable insights from sub-meter data to drive strategic energy management decisions, maximising efficiency and profitability

Director of Finance & AssetsCheltenham Borough Council

We now have smart meters across all the floors. That really helped us understand how we were using energy.

Senior Energy Monitoring & Targeting ConsultantOxfordshire County Council

It has been particularly difficult to monitor consumption and energy waste at sites which share premises with other businesses. Some sites have shared usage so we need to start installing sub-meters quickly as it affects our carbon reporting.

Managing DirectorThe Jockey Club

With increasing energy costs, the focus on data and monitoring is more important than ever. We know this, so implementing KPIs around effective best practices, with sites recognised for their efforts is a priority. We need Stark to achieve this.

Programmes ManagerCentral Bedfordshire Council

Accurate data underpins all successful energy reduction action programmes. If you can measure and monitor energy, you can manage it.


Solve your problems with sub-meter data

Data blackholes

Sub-meter data helps organisations shed light on exactly where inefficiencies happen across their buildings and equipment.

Data from the main incoming supply is essential, but will only take your sustainability efforts so far.

Splitting a building up into target areas means you can easily zero in on the problems and maintain levels elsewhere.

Talk to our team today about accessing sub-meter data

Bill tenants

Sub-meter data is essential to be able to accurately bill commercial or residential tenants.

Whether you have designated retail units, companies taking up different floors or spaces or separate residential units, sub-meter data will enable you to apportion tenant charging based solely on their actual use.

Stark ID analytics includes custom reports to provide invoices based on sub-metered areas or tenanted units.

Speak to our sales team to get started

Find inefficient equipment or plant

Sub-meter data can target key high-consuming equipment or machinery you need to monitor.

If the equipment is used over your target consumption levels, you can be alerted to this the next day.

Our Analytics platform allows you to mobilise the sub-meter data effectively and quickly.

Speak to our sales team today to discover your best options

Drive green practices

Sub-meter data can drive green best practices amongst departments, regions or offices.

Even if your offices are spread around the world.

It enables you to bring people together in a friendly competition to boost company culture and promote energy efficiency.

Speak to our sales team

Incorporate international or non-UK mainland sites

We can collect data from electricity sub-meters installed around the world.

We use Internet Protocols to collect for our customers who want to bring their international offices together to compete in sustainability efforts.

We directly dial electricity sub-meters in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Mann and Europe to remove the data blackholes that can appear where multi-site companies cannot have main meters collected directly.

Speak to our sales team

Prove success of operational efficiencies

Sub-meter data is essential to prove the changes you make in operations.

With the power of Stark ID, our energy analytics platform, your sub-meter data will quickly show the before and after of other building efficiencies.

Whether you need to prove changes to the Board or as part of a government grant, sub-meter data will achieve this.1

Contact us to see how sub-meter data can help you.

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FAQs: Sub-meter Data

Can I learn more about your Sub-meter installation & maintenance services?


Check out our dedicated page for sub-metering in our Stark Connect section.

Our in-house expert engineers provide all surveys and installations, and our project delivery teams manage the end-to-end process with you.

Learn more about Stark Connect sub-metering processes

Do you provide apportionment services for tenant billing?


You can run invoices from Stark ID based on the actual sub-metered area consumption.

Plus our in-house bureau team can provide various services for additional costs.

Contact us to discuss further.

Is sub-meter data available on Stark ID?


All sub-meter data will be available on our online energy analytics platform, Stark ID.

You can have log-ins for your tenants so they see their area too if you wish.

Speak to one of our sales team to see what will work best for you.

Is sub-meter data used for billing?


Companies use Sub-meter data for energy & carbon management and efficiency strategies.

It is not considered “settled” data, so it’s not sent to suppliers for settlement or billing.

Contact us to discuss your sub-metering needs.

Do you provide Electricity and Gas sub-metering?


Our comprehensive services mean we have the in-house expertise to provide electricity and gas sub-metering.

Our Stark Connect team handles the electricity, while our Stark Works team handles the gas.

Electricity and Gas have different skill sets so we have both covered with our expert teams.

Contact us to discuss your sub-metering needs.

Can you collect Data for my sub-meters outside of the UK mainland?


We collect from sub-meters around the world.

International offices: (outside UK and Republic of Ireland):

We’ll co-ordinate with you to arrange local installation of an appropriate sub-meter and provide internet protocol information so we can dial the meter.

Non-mainland UK & Republic of Ireland: 

We can coordinate the installation for you and use SIM cards to dial the meters ourselves.

All data will be available as standard on Stark ID for you to use in your energy management strategies.

Or speak to our experienced sales team to assess your options and find the best way to approach your sites.

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