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EV charging for commercial landlords

From upgrading site capacity to seamless integration with building consumption reports, we provide a one-stop solution for all your EV charging needs.

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Confidence to deliver accurate tenant recharges

Our EV charging business solutions are seamlessly integrated to accurately monitor EV and building energy consumption.

Empower your tenants with essential services while gaining the clarity needed for precise billing.

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As pioneers with over 40 years of experience in data collection, we are your trusted Charge Point Operator in the EV charging business landscape.

Being data-driven means we know how important MID-approved data is for you to recharge occupiers with confidence. 

That’s why we choose MID-approved EV charge points. For the best, laser-accurate data.

We go a step further, converting your EV charging sessions into Half Hourly data too. And make it accessible on Stark ID, our complimentary energy analytics platform.

That way, you can seamlessly integrate EV charging electricity into the rest of your building utilities.

Full charging infrastructure

An end-to-end solution with network connection capability

EV charge point charger icon
MID-approved EV charge points

Recharge tenants with compliant charge points

OZEV-approved installer

Grant support with OZEV registration

Manage driver tariffs directly

Control EV charging costs and set user access times

24/7 Driver Support & Full Maintenance

Complete support for EV drivers and nationwide maintenance

Green Analytics profile analysis
Proactive maintenance and performance monitoring

Real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and predictive maintenance

EV charge point ownership options with Stark Charge

Lease your
EV charge points

Spread the cost of purchase over time with our flexible lease options

Own EV charge points

Add value for your clients with timely accurate data and reports. This valuable insight can optimise decisions

Fully funded EV charge points

Prove successful energy efficiency measures and secure investment for future energy efficiency projects


We are an accredited Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), and our Stark Works division has over 20 years of experience in designing and building new gas and electricity networks.

We’ll check if you need any network upgrades to support the increased demand EV chargers will bringWe will handle all this for you, making for a more streamlined and efficient experience.  

 EV charging business solution process for our real estate customers

Our experts are with you from strategy, installation, maintenance and aftercare


Can I have 1 tariff for employees and 1 for the public?

Yes, you can set different tariffs for different user groups. You would just need to confirm which customers would need to be added to which tariff.

I don’t know what to set as my tariff, can you help?

Yes, Stark can look at your current electricity tariff and the average charging rates local to your site and work with you to find a reasonable tariff, that will help you make money from your charge point.

Do you need permission to install an EV charger?

Tenants should always seek permission from the landlord.

As a landlord, you do not need to seek permission to install chargers on your building. However, there may be instances where you need to request additional capacity from your local electricity network. We can help with this.

Are there grants available for landlords?

Yes. There are 2 grants available to landlords – the EV Chargepoint Grant and EV Infrastructure Grant. These grants are designed to help landlords with up to 75% of the installation costs.

How do I bill tenants for EV charging?

You can simply set a tariff on the charge points for your tenants to pay at the point of charging, which will be paid to you monthly. You will need to make sure to set the tariff high enough to cover electricity costs or you can use this as an additional revenue stream if you wish.

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