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Fleet charging solutions to keep your business moving 

With the right charging infrastructure, switching to an EV fleet is now possible.

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Reliable, futureproofed solutions for your EV Fleet

We work with thousands of businesses across the UK and understand the unique situations across different industries.
We’re also switching to an EV Fleet, so we know first hand the importance of the right charging infrastructure.
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Get vehicles charged and back on the road with the most suitable charging solutions and stay on track.
We’ll also support your staff to charge overnight and start the day the right way.
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We can advise on what is most its the most practical and most costs effective solution for your business.

We keep up with EV charge point hardware, so you don’t have to.

Not being exclusive to any single hardware brand means we can access the latest EV charging technology.


Adding miles in good time

Sticking with schedules is essential, so we have a selection of fast and rapid chargers.

How to choose the right charge point

By charging fleet vehicles as drivers replenish stock, take a lunch break or change shifts can reduce downtime. 
Giving the vehicle enough of a boost to carry out duties and return on time.  
The way you schedule a job might need to be tweaked for maximum efficiency, but with the right charge points in place, your fleet will not be sitting idle when there is work to be done.

Our teams work together to provide a complete end to end service. Including upgrading electricity capacity through to maintenance of the charge points for a service that goes above and beyond.

Our inhouse installers work across the UK and we have a range of finance options to suit you.

Stark Charge app on mobile

Our Stark Charge portal gives you total control

Manage all your multi site charge points in one place – including access for users, setting tariff and viewing usage.

Plus drivers have one Stark App to start and end charging sessions, and review historic charging.


With our 24/7 dedicated phone line you can be assured that we’re available when you need us.

As a Charge Point Operator that oversees the initial installation and potential site upgrade projects – we have better insights to identify what happens with things go wrong. And we’ll work to resolve it as efficiently as possible.

We’re independent – so by using a range of manufactures we can ensure the hardware we use is always the most technologically advanced charge points.


Why are fleets going electric?

There are a number of reasons:

  1. Lower operating and maintenance costs.
  2. Zero emissions align with green goals.
  3. Incentives like tax benefits.
  4. Improves companies’ public perception by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.
  5. Aligns with the UK’s emissions reduction plans.

How do I support my EV fleet?

The key is to understand how and where the vehicles are going to be used, and by association, where they will charge.

In most cases, this means having sufficient charging capabilities at the workplace. The type of charger will differ for each fleet type (delivery may only need fast chargers for overnight, but access to rapids for top ups). Maintaining these chargers is key, as it will directly impact the operation of the fleet.

You may also need support with home chargers in some instances. This also means finding ways to enable home charging with no additional cost to the employee.

How many EV chargers will I need to support my EV fleet?

This will depend on the number of vehicles in your fleet and the charging patterns of your fleet. If all your EVs need to be charged overnight, you will likely need one charger per vehicle, but if your fleet is running on different schedules, you could install less. We can help advise on this.

How much does it cost to install EV chargers for my fleet?

This will vary depending on how many EV chargers you need, the speed of charging you require and where these will be installed. Get in touch for a quote.

What is a rapid charger?

Rapid chargers provides the quickest way to put miles onto your EV by using more power, typically adding up to 100 miles in about half an hour with a 50kW rapid charge point.

Get in touch today to speak with our experts about our EV fleet solutions.