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Create an easily accessible way for EV drivers to recharge while they work

Support your EV company car scheme and help more employees transition to electric vehicles. Enhance your facilities for visitors and customers alike with our workplace EV charging solutions.

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We make it easy.  

Save costs with the Workplace Charging Grant.

Utilise your offices, factories, and distribution hubs with a charging network for employees to support lower carbon transportation.

The Workplace Charging Grant allows businesses to claim up to £14,000 depending on the number of charge points you install.


Our in-house installers work across the UK and we have a range of finance options to suit you.

Our teams work together to provide a complete end-to-end service for your workplace charging. Including upgrading electricity capacity through to maintenance of the charge points for a service that goes above and beyond.


Adding miles in good time

Getting EV miles over a few hours whiles employees work, means that more cost-effective charge points can be used and still deliver an efficient charging session.

How to choose the right charge point for your workplace

Chargers ranging from 7kW up to 22kW are ideal for the workplace.  

Our chargers are OCCP-compliant and suitable for all EVs.


Our Stark Charge portal gives you total control 

Manage all your multi-site charge points in one place – including access for users, setting tariffs and viewing usage.

Plus, drivers have one Stark App to start and end charging sessions and review historic charging.

Stark Charge app on mobile

With our 24/7 dedicated phone line you can be assured that we’re available when you need us

As a Charge Point Operator that oversees the initial installation and potential site upgrade projects – we have better insights to identify what happens with things go wrong. And we’ll work to resolve it as efficiently as possible.

We’re independent – so by using a range of manufacturers we can ensure the hardware we use is always the most technologically advanced charge points.


What are the benefits of workplace charging?

  • Convenient EV charging during work hours.
  • Attracts and retains EV-driving employees. Including those with no access to home charging because of a lack of off-street parking.
  • Lowers carbon footprint, aligning with sustainability goals.
  • Meets emissions targets and may qualify for incentives.
  • Lower charging costs compared to public options.
  • Contributes to the UK’s clean mobility objectives.
  • Positions your company for the evolving EV landscape.

What is the workplace charging scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme or WCS is a UK government-funded grant for businesses looking to install EV charge points to provide charging for staff driving EVs and EV fleets.

Can employers charge for EV charging?

Employers have the flexibility to set their own policies regarding charging fees for EVs at the workplace.

Is workplace EV charging free?

Workplace EV charging policies vary, with some employers offering free charging as an employee benefit, while others may implement a charging fee to cover electricity costs or manage demand.

What charger is best for my workplace?

As most employees will stay at a workplace for 8 hours, you only need 7kW fast chargers. This will fill up vehicles throughout the day, so they go home with a full battery. There is always the option to add a couple of 22kW fast chargers to the mix, giving a couple of faster charging options for visitors staying a few hours.

Interested? Speak with our EV Charging Experts about next steps.