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Partner ICP and UIP Asset Values, Dual Fuel Connections

Fair, transparent and fast. Our team are your team.

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We’re an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) and Independent Gas Transport (IGT) with an established networks business.

Our partnerships give Independent Connection Providers (ICP) and Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIP) the competitive edge and the ability to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

Our Services

Asset Adoption

We’ll provide a strong commercial offering, combined with friendly and flexible delivery teams

Network connections

Flexible in our approach to ensure projects meet both the grid requirements and your own commercial needs

asset adoption

Competitive costs

Provide transparency and comprehensive competitive costs so there are no surprises

Additional products

Accessibility to the wider Stark Group products

Competitive Prices & Clear Payments

We offer a simple and transparent payment Asset Value quotation and payment structure, meaning that there’s a clear understanding on what you will be paid.

Regular payments of Asset Value’s on receipt of completion paperwork, helping you manage your projects cashflow.

Data, Design & Communications

Our accreditations, business operations and systems are all developed and maintained in-house, without external consultancy support.

This means that we have a deep understanding of the industry and its regulations, as well as an ability to be proactive in developing a product offering that suits the client’s requirements and quickly responds to industry changes.

Transparent Processes

We have transparent and simple processes, with clear SLAs:


hours Asset value requests


days standard HV/LV Electric designs


days for design approval of standard MP/LP Gas

We understand that niche ICP’s and UIP’s can be priced out of the market when competing with the bigger integrated players – we’re here to help you add value and integrate for the long term with fast, reliable and guaranteed level of service without the hassle.

Our ecosystem of services goes beyond the grid

As your network partner we offer a suite of downstream services to combat rising energy costs and carbon footprints.

EV Charging

Zero solutions

We care about the ICPs and UIPs we work with.