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Your trusted partner for electricity connections

As an ICP with NERS accreditation, we’re confident we can save you time and provide reliable solutions for your electricity connection projects.

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Ensuring your electricity needs are covered

With our all-inclusive service, we guarantee to save you time and provide reliable solutions for your electricity connection projects.

Our teams will also liaise with local authorities, TFL, highway agencies, DNOs and IDNOs as required.

Your electricity connection projects will consist of three key stages:

Infographic showing the Works process in three steps: estimation and planning, design and engineering, construction and energisation

New electricity connections are designed by our expert engineers and installed by our dedicated teams.

Designing New Electricity Networks

We specialise in designing new electric networks for both residential and commercial projects up to 33kV

Supply, Installation, & Commissioning

New electric networks & transformers up to 33kV, with associated groundworks & temporary building supplies

Project Management

Managing every aspect of your project, including altering or disconnecting existing cables and supplies

Our multi-utility experts will ensure your project is on time and on budget.

Curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at Stark Works?

Join Jo and Taps as they reveal their favourite projects, answer frequently asked questions, and provide insights into our quoting process.


What is an ICP (Independent Connection Provider)?

An Independent Connections Provider (ICP) is a certified company that specialises building electricity networks in line with the correct standards. ICP’s will install these networks while ensuring they meet the necessary requirements for DNO’s and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO) to effectively delivery electricity to customers.

What is a DNO?

DNOs are the organisations that own and control the electricity distribution network, connecting generators, suppliers, energy users and consumers.

How do I get a new electricity connection in the UK?

You can apply directly to the DNO in their region or by coming directly to us, once we have gathered the required information, we can apply on your behalf saving you time and minimising risk of an incorrect request.

How long does a quotation take?

If a valid DNO point of connection is received we can provide a cost within 4 weeks, if urgent we can turn these around within 2 weeks.

If a point of connection is required that will take 4-6 weeks from the DNO then a further 2-4 weeks for us to prepare.

How do we compare against DNO costs and timescales?

Very well in both, most HV connected and larger LV projects we will always compare well vs the DNO from a price point. We offset an asset value, the DNO do not.

From a timescale perspective our clients projects are our key focus whereas the DNO’s have a whole network to operate that will always come before an individual clients’ connections needs. We can also procure designs, equipment, and labour more quickly.

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