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Streamlined Gas Connections

We lead in independence, flexibility, and innovation, boasting over 20 years of experience in the gas industry.

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Gas Connections with a company you can trust

Our extensive experience coupled with being part of the Stark Group, your project is in safe hands.

In good company

Join Stark Works, a top independent gas infrastructure provider excelling in comprehensive solutions for diverse projects

Flexibility and innovation

Our commitment to innovation ensures seamless alignment with evolving gas industry regulations

OFGEM authorisation

Benefit from our OFGEM-approved authority, enhancing site safety by removing existing primary gas meters

Expert engineering

Count on us for precise design and installation, adhering to deadlines and budget constraints with thorough network analysis & reinforcement checks

Comprehensive solutions

We offer end-to-end services, including gas connections, design, and OFGEM-approved disconnections, ensuring a seamless journey

LP, MP & IP installations

We offer above-ground steel and below-ground polyethylene (PE) solutions


Our specialised services include gas connections and disconnections, gas metering, and gas distribution. Trust our team to deliver efficient solutions tailored to your project’s needs.

Gas connections and disconnections

Our engineers design and install new connections, accounting for physical aspects and project considerations.

Gas metering

Complete installation services, including turbine meters (LP, MP, IP), service alterations, & project management for mains diversion or disconnection, with accelerated delivery through GT contacts.

Gas distribution

As an IGT, Stark Works develops, operates, and maintains local gas transportation networks comprehensively.

Our multi-utility experts will ensure your project is on time and on budget.

Curious to know about the exciting projects Stark Works has worked on?

Join us as we chat with our Operations Manager at Stark Works, as he shares some of his favourite projects to date.

What our clients say

Philip KinsellaManaging Director, GLP Consulting Engineers

As M&E consulting engineers, we utilised the independent advice provided by Stark Works to resolve a complex issue on a major gas supply to Greater London House, In Camden. Where the bigger utility providers were unable to resolve the issue, Chris and Mark from Stark Works’ team provided prompt and concise technical advice with a network capacity check, design and gas meter replacement, which resolved all the issues and enabled us to successfully satisfy our client.

Tony KavanaghHead of Utilities, London Square

If companies issue variations without fair justification, we simply we won’t use them going forward. We rely on cost certainty, and Stark Works consistently provide this.

Project ManagerWelsh Power Ltd

Stark Works have a reputation for professionalism, efficiency and expertise and they have exceeded our expectations. We’re looking forward to continuing working with Stark Works in the future.

John PlattSenior Planner, Midgard

On all developments, the timely coordination of the utilities is critical to the delivery of the project. Regent’s Crescent has been a particularly complex and challenging project and Sam Thompson’s professional, proactive, commitment to this scheme has had a massive impact.

Liam WalkerCHP and Site Services Supervisor, Innovia Films

This was a complex project, which required detailed planning and the work to be carried out efficiently to meet the required deadline. From the beginning, we were impressed with Stark’s solutions to the challenges posed, and the level of experience and expertise within the team. The service we received was exceptional, and meant the work was delivered well ahead of the required timeframe, ensuring we didn’t incur any delays restarting our plant.

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FAQs: Gas Connections

What are the different types of gas connections?

Gas connections include mains and services, with mains referring to below ground pipes supplying multiple meter installations and services being pipes from mains to individual meter installations.

What is the difference between a gas 'main' and a gas 'service'?

A gas main refers to a below-ground pipe that supplies more than 2 primary meter installations, while a gas service is a pipe from a main up to and including the outlet of the 1st ECV to an individual meter installation.

Why can’t a medium-pressure meter be installed internally?

Strict guidelines must be followed to obtain approval for internal installation, considering safety measures and regulatory standards.

What are the proximities for a gas main from a building?

Gas main pipework must be kept a minimum of 1.0m clearance from a building for low-pressure pipework and a minimum of 3.0m for medium-pressure pipework.

What distance (below Ground) is required between natural gas pipes and other utilities?

A minimum of 250mm clearance is advised from gas pipes to other utilities.

Do you install the gas meter as well?

Yes, learn more about gas metering here and gas data here.


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