Stark Case Study_Ambassador Theatre Group


“Monthly reports from Stark provide ATG with precise insights into energy usage. These reports are easy to understand whilst providing the high level information required by senior management.”

Juliet Hayes, Risk Management and Sustainability Advisor, Ambassador Theatre Group


The Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd (ATG) is the world’s number one live-theatre company with just over 40 venues in Britain, the US and Australia. With historic theatres in its diverse buildings portfolio, ATG has a need for conscientious energy efficiency policies. Supported by Stark and LSI Utility Brokers, ATG excelled in reaching its energy reduction targets; resulting in the winning of the prestigious “Green Apple Environment Silver Award” in 2014. As a result of sharing initiatives, ATG was honoured with a second award as “Green World Ambassador”.


The requirement for CRC reporting by the government led to energy reaching ATG’s boardroom agenda. Juliet Hayes, Risk Management & Sustainability Advisor, was tasked with reducing ATG’s energy costs through behavioural change and energy management. She had to present her findings in a concise and compelling way to ensure senior management remained engaged.


Initially focusing on venues with the highest electricity consumption, Juliet launched ‘Project Blackout’, where venue managers demonstrated their normal “switch off” procedure for high powered venue lights. This exercise proved to be a revelation for staff and identified where high-cost equipment was being left on overnight. The exercise led to new venue specific “switch off” checklists being put in place. Once this base level was established, it was possible to use Stark’s Exception Reports to identify waste and anomalies in consumption. Through deeper analysis, problems in ventilation systems, water management and hardware were revealed, enabling the team to make more energy efficient decisions.

New Wimbledon Theatre & Studio Theatre

Wimbledon Theatre at night

The insights gained through Stark, proved to be invaluable for Greg Allen, Assistant Technical Manager, New Wimbledon Theatre. He said,

“Using Stark’s energy analytics enabled me to demonstrate that choosing energy saving options can have a large impact on the business and that every little bit makes the difference. This inspired the team to improve energy usage within their individual work areas.”

The intelligence gained allowed him to build a business case for a LED lighting replacement programme, which has contributed to the venue saving an average of £4,400 a month for the financial year 2013-14, saving 46% on electricity bills compared to an average over the last two years.


The innovative Project Blackout scheme successfully reduced overnight energy use by 15% over an 18 month period.

An internal staff campaign; “Always Think Green” also succeeded in getting staff to consider how they use energy during the day and follow shut down procedures at night. ATG have benefited from significant energy cost reductions and deeper insights into energy use through Stark’s services. In 2013/14 gas usage was reduced by 9% and electricity by 5% across the portfolio on the previous year.


Monthly cost reports and league tables comparing each region are being emailed directly to venue managers. This has created competitiveness and engagement that further embeds ATG’s future energy management initiatives.