Stark Case Study_SPAR


With Stark’s accurate energy data we were able to easily see patterns emerge and influence behaviour changes that easily reduced consumption by 20%

Phil Bridge, Clitheroe SPAR owner


SPAR is one of the world’s largest international food retail chains with over 12,000 stores in over 40 countries. There are over 2,400 SPAR stores in the UK alone with a turnover in excess of £3 billion. James Hall & Co Ltd. is a major wholesaler and distributor for SPAR, serving over 540 stores in the North of England.

The Edisford Road, SPAR store in Clitheroe, Lancashire is owned and operated by Phil Bridge. The store had an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device installed by Stark in 2012 with the aim to closely monitor energy usage and identify areas that could be made more energy efficient.


With AMR installed, Stark began collecting half hourly data and provided Phil with access to Stark’s powerful energy reporting platform. This enabled Phil to closely monitor and visualise his energy data. Phil was able to generate reports on the store’s energy use, set reduction targets and engage his employees on opportunities to save energy.

Following analysis of the data and supported by Terry Smithies, the Technical Services Manager at James Hall & Co. Ltd, the next step was to conduct a store ‘walk around’ and discuss the close-down procedure for each piece of equipment that had been identified as having high energy consumption. The main areas to target were identified as:

  • When equipment should be turned off such as coffee machines
  • Where switches were located and what they controlled, from lighting on the ice cream freezer to news and magazine lighting
  • Identifying critical equipment that must remain switched on at all times, for example, a chilled food cabinet

Based on this information from Stark’s AMR data and the analysis of the reports on Stark’s energy analytics platform, a ‘close-down’ and ‘opening-up’ checklist was produced to target energy consumption in unoccupied hours between midnight and 7 am. This initiative has been especially effective at reducing overall consumption throughout the store and the checklists that were produced ensures that even new employees can be as efficient as experienced staff at reducing energy.


These interventions produced an impressive 20% reduction in the store’s energy use between midnight and 7 am. By using the combination of Stark’s high-quality data and their energy analytics platform, reports displaying the positive financial saving figures were generated and communicated regularly to staff. This helped to sustain enthusiasm and belief in the project amongst staff.

In just one year, the store saved £2,600 on its annual energy bill. These savings were reinvested in an efficient lighting project that reduced energy consumption by a further 20%. Overall these two initiatives resulted in a total saving of £4,100 by the end of year two. This approach to SPAR’s energy management developed with Stark has now been deployed across all James Hall SPAR stores and their independent retailers.

The results achieved by Edisford Road SPAR clearly demonstrate that both the energy and financial saving potential for an organisation large or small can easily be realised through a combined approach of using high quality data, reporting and encouraging behavioural change and engagement with employees.