Stark’s energy data: enabling Hounslow to reach net zero



Energy Management has always been an important part of the council’s strategy, and the Hounslow’s Climate Emergency Plan details how they will achieve net zero emissions by 2030; energy savings from measuring and optimising efficiencies, forms a big part of the journey.

Charles Pipe MSc, Hounslow’s Energy Manager and his team are directly responsible for the management of electricity, gas and water for all their corporate sites in the Greater London borough including schools, leisure centres, libraries, and council buildings. To better manage their energy, the team were looking for a partner who could offer them full visibility of their energy data. “Without the scrutiny that having access to metering data provides, utility bills would often just get paid and that can’t be the way going forward.” says Charles.


Charles and his team chose Stark as their partner to help Hounslow take control of their electricity and gas consumption. Stark stood out from the competition, offering the best solution and better value while also giving Hounslow’s Energy team the granular access to their electricity data that they wanted. Starting with an initial project to install around 80 electricity smart meters, the Hounslow team were able to engage with their electricity data on Stark ID, Stark’s energy analytics platform.

Having proved the capabilities of the Stark ID platform, the next step was to give the Hounslow team more granular insight into their gas usage, helping them validate and improve a planned heat pump installations via the Government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).

The team at Hounslow opted for Stark’s end-to-end industry-leading gas data service; which saw Stark install gas meters as a Meter Asset Provider (MAP), manage and maintain them as a Meter Asset Manager (MAM), collect gas data as the Automated Meter Reading Service Provider (ASP) and make the data available to the team for analysis in Stark ID.


With better visibility and control over their electricity and gas portfolio, the Energy team’s access to high quality data has allowed them to see tangible financial and carbon savings, helping sites reduce energy waste. Their work with schools has been particularly successful. “Going forward we’re going to have a multitude of projects and without having Stark’s metering and Stark ID, I couldn’t do it with any degree of guaranteed granularity or accuracy.” says Charles.

On average Hounslow’s schools are saving 30% on their electricity consumption. One school is saving a phenomenal 63% on their annual electricity bill.

But success doesn’t stop at schools. Stark ID is enabling Hounslow’s Energy team to present energy consumption to stakeholders with confidence and the team are optimistic about the future, continuing to work with Stark on their net zero journey.

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