We asked everyone at Stark for top tips on reducing their impact on the environment and beating air pollution. Here are five suggestions that you can do while you are at work today.

1. Learn on your lunch break

Did you know that five highly polluted UK cities are set to establish Clean Air Zones by 2020? Or that the UK Government have introduced a £260 million clean air funding scheme to help individuals and businesses improve air quality?
Spend your break time today learning about the challenges around air pollution and the initiatives that have been set up to combat the problem. You could even research what green projects are happening in your local area and get involved.

2. Save energy with Stark ID

Use Stark IDMonitoring energy consumption is an easy way to reduce your organisation’s contribution to air pollution and cut costs on your energy spend. Use Stark ID to make sure you are on track with your efficiency goals and highlight any changes over the last few days or weeks and beyond.

One of our customers, Western Power Distribution set a target of reducing their electricity consumption by 5% over 8 years.

By using our energy analytics tool and launching a wider “Switch Off” awareness campaign, WPD achieved a 4.5% decrease on the previous year in their total electricity consumption.

3. Switch your commute

Over a third of the UK population (36%) use just their car to get to work. This is a significant contributing factor to the UK’s total CO2 output from transport, which is one of the biggest sources of air pollution.

Whilst new cars emit less carbon dioxide than older models, your carbon footprint will be much lower if you swap your car commute with public transport. Better still, boost your fitness and save some cash by walking or cycling if you can.  Where this isn’t possible, try out some car sharing options. There are some popular apps already available such as BlaBla and Liftshare.com.

4. Shop mindfully

With heavy media coverage on livestock farming, which is responsible for 14.5% to 18% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, it’s no surprise that more people are trying out a vegan diet.

Similarly, the shocking truth about the millions of tonnes of plastic pollution that is harming our natural world has definitely got us thinking about the way we can change our consumption habits.

Small changes to your shopping today can help to lower your carbon footprint. Challenge yourself this lunchtime to avoid foods wrapped in single use plastic, swap your regular lunch option for something vegan or search for some seasonal, local produce.

5. Try a search engine that plants trees

Lastly, why not try Ecosia? This is a search engine similar to Google or Bing, however the big difference is Ecosia plants a tree for every search you make. So far they have planted over 58.6 million trees and counting all around the world.

While you’re there, try searching for “AIR-INK” the innovative product starting to transform air pollution into something positive by turning it into usable pen ink.