Amidst the unusual circumstances of this year’s Earth Day, it feels like a great time to share some of the brilliant things we are doing at Stark to reduce our own environmental footprint. The pandemic may have created unpredictable challenges for us, but our eco-conscious spirits are up as we remain committed to helping our customers meet their energy-saving targets alongside improving our own energy consumption and staff engagement with the fight against climate change.  

It’s a really important time for your people to know that your organisation’s environmental targets remain in place, even while they aren’t in the office. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a few pointers that are working for us.  

Monitor your energy. Share your insight.  

If environmental impact isn’t enough of a reason, now is a crucial time for your organisation to save every penny it can. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by monitoring energy waste, even when your premises have closed. Just last weekend, our energy manager, Eva, found an unusual spike in energy consumption whilst monitoring our offices energy use on Stark ID. With visibility across all our utilities at every office, and with an understanding of our baseload consumption, Eva has been able to investigate the cause of the spike and ensure it was a one-off case By sharing her insight with easy to interpret reports, Eva is able to share her actions with the wider team and encourage good switch-off practices.  


Start a Green Network.

Stark has a Green Team involving a passionate champion from every division, taking on feedback from peers and helping to drive positive change within our business. Our Green Champions not only act as a point of contact for the central team but also help drive conversations and engagement with environmental issues. Starting a green network within your organisation can encourage more people to share information, drive positive change and share responsibilities to more people. If you want to take climate action at the heart of your business ambition, get a team together to build the roots of your green cause.  

Share the good green news!

Every month we send our teams a Green News email which includes updates from our energy manager, office manager and field team. It’s a great way to present the changes we are making around the business as well as an opportunity to share some inspiring news topics and forthcoming events. Just this month we announced some of the fun things we had in store for Earth Day and interesting tips for keeping it green at home.  More than ever it’s a great time to balance out people’s media intake, with uplifting news and inspiration.  

Be conscious consumers.

We’re proud of the small steps we’ve been taking across the business with sustainability at the forefront of our decision making. Whether it be recycled marketing collateral or organic uniform polos, we are always seeking out the best ways to keep it green at Stark. Our office manager, Claire, has helped us to implement many great changes from crisp packet recycling points that raise money for the Air Ambulance to purchasing recycled stationery from local businesses. It’s important to keep this mindset up, even while we are working remotely.  

Look forward. Plan now.  

Now is a great time to be looking ahead at what changes we can implement once we’re out of lockdownOne of the many things Stark are working on includes transitioning our engineer fleet to electric vehicles, which we plan to start rolling out within the next few months. To complement our new vehicles, we are installing charging points at all of our offices, keep an eye out for more news on this soon! Why not take this time to get ahead and start planning new projects that will help you reach your environmental targets. You could consider getting sub-metering in place or bringing all your utilities together in Stark ID to make your life easier when your office life resumes.  

Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrating Earth Day helps us look back at how far we have come and what actions we take moving forwardIt’s also a great way to sprinkle a bit of fun into everybody’s working day. We know that working from home can be challenging, especially whilst looking after children, so we have made sure that the Earth Day celebrations at Stark engage all ages with a fun recycling activity, Earth Day themed quiz and live demonstration on how to make your own eco products… all over video call of course! If you’ve missed Earth Day this year, why not consider planning something fun for World Environment Day in June? You can get more inspiration for Earth Day activities and actions here