BEIS SMETS1 and AME SRO Decision Letter


Why have the end-dates been extended?

In a letter issued on Thursday 18 January 2018, BEIS announced that both the SMETS1 end-date, and the Advanced Meter Exception (AME) end-date will be pushed back to 5 October 2018.

In the letter, Senior Responsible Owner Daron Walker said that it had become clear that despite “considerable efforts”, none of the large suppliers will be able to meet the original deadlines “without significant risk”. He added that consumers, and the public perception of the smart-meter rollout, would be negatively impacted by these risks. No further extension to the deadline is expected.

With the previous deadlines of 13th July 2018 for both, the extension has signified that there are still problems with DCC readiness to fully support the mass roll-out.

And with mounting pressure to take all reasonable steps to complete installs by 2020 many suppliers simply cannot afford to wait for SMETS2.

The extension signifies problems with DCC readiness to support the mass roll-out and with mounting pressure to complete installs by 2020 many suppliers can’t afford to wait.