We asked them to tell us why we need to save energy and reduce our impact on climate change. We had some outstanding and thought provoking entries that were very creative and can be seen below.

The winning pictures are to be framed and put on permanent display within Stark’s offices.

“Saving energy is so important for our future generations and the children involved in our competition have helped communicate why it is so important with their art.”

Kim Walker – Brand Manager

Doing the right thing

We empower organisations to reduce their potential impact on climate change using solutions such as our energy analytics platform Stark ID. In addition to this we continue to invest in sustainable solutions throughout our entire business.

We use biodegradable pens and printed sales collateral

All of our Sales collateral is made from recycled paper, and Stark branded pens are made from 80% bio-compostable materials.

Furniture made with recycled materials

Last year, Stark introduced new chairs for all staff and in all our meeting rooms that have been made using recycled materials.

Recycling bins throughout the office

Stark has provided recycling bins throughout our offices to make recycling paper even easier. Recycling paper saves energy, water and landfill space. Over 65% of paper in the UK is recycled, that is approximately 51 million tons every year.

Fruit for the trees

We offer all our employees free fruit and work with a partner that uses recycled packaging and plants a tree for every delivery made to our offices each week.

Remotely green

We have invested in IT solutions to allow our team to easily work together remotely, reducing our team’s overall carbon footprint.

Keeping cups out of landfills

Last year we gave all members of the Stark team reusable Chilly bottles. For use with both hot and cold drinks, they help reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

And that’s just the start with much more to come.

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