Three Simple Steps

  1. Select your meter
  2. Add email address (in Parameters)
  3. Enable Easy Exception reports

Easy Exception - Unoccupied Electricity Use

Easy Exception Electricity Report

Unoccupied consumption – act fast on waste

Easy Exception - Daily Gas Alert

Daily gas use – already adjusted to outside temperature

Easy Exception - Daily Water Alert

Easy Exception Water Report

Daily water use – identify possible leaks

Easy Exception - Daily Electricity Alert

Daily electricity use – alert to changes in daily use

Easy Exception - Weekly Electricity Alert

Weekly electricity use – keep on top of weekly use

Easy Exception - Maximum Demand Alert

Maximum Demand – manage peaks in electricity use

Free Exception Reporting webinar

Attend our free Exception Reporting webinar and learn how to use SavenergyOnline to automatically alert you to atypical usage.

Monitoring and Targeting service

If you are short on time, our expert analysts can take care of everything for you.  Contact our analytics team today on 01293 776 747 to discuss your monitoring and reporting challenges and requirements.