James MurphyBy James Murphy, P272 Analyst

Suppliers and Agents alike came out in full force for Elexon’s P272 Industry Day on Tuesday.

By way of introduction, Cathryn Scott from Ofgem, reiterated the importance of meeting the implementation deadline and outlined the consequences of non-compliance.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise in attendance generated lively discussion of the challenges the industry faces in implementing P272 before the April 2017 deadline.

A recurrent theme of the day was that communication and collaboration are vital if the industry is going to succeed. In addition, there were a number of key areas raised as obstacles to success which collectively we need to overcome. These included:

• Protocol approvals to dial meters
• Meter interoperability
• A centralised P272 contact list to facilitate effective communication

If Agents are experiencing, or anticipate any issues with dialling meters due to protocol approvals, Stark can help as we hold BSCP601 accreditations for all COP5 and COP10 meter types.

To date, Stark has successfully migrated thousands of meters and has the capability and resources required to handle similar numbers on a monthly basis.

Having a dedicated P272 team means we can ensure all migrations happen as smoothly as possible and our independence allows us to work with any supplier or agent.

If you are experiencing any challenges that may affect your ability to complete all P272 activity before April 2017, get in touch.