Stark has been providing best in class gas data for over 20 years.  In 2016 we became a Meter Asset Manager (MAM) to make sure our customers had more control than ever before. In 2019 we welcomed Squire Energy into the Stark Group, leaders in providing new connections and site works for some of the most prestigious developments in the UK.

We’ve drawn on our combined expertise to pull together this list of the top five things you need to action this month to cut gas energy waste as we head into heating season.

1. Check your data

Can you find any gas data?  Is it easily accessible?  Many gas consumers are at the very beginning of their data journey – if this is you, skip to point 2!

If you do have data, you need to check whether it is adequate.  Over summer, you may expect gas consumption for heating in particular to be zero.  This can hide problems with your metering or data collection.

As the weather cools, if your data is telling you your consumption is still zero – you’ve got a data problem.  Talk to your data provider or supplier and make sure your metering is online, fast.  If you’re a Stark customer, we are checking this daily, and working hard to get you online and ready for winter.

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2. Take control

Many organisations do not have access to the simple data required to manage gas effectively and spot cost-saving opportunities. All you need is your data on a daily basis. Getting it is easy – take control of your gas metering and choose Stark’s end-to-end gas solution.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t using Stark, you’re unlikely to be getting the simple data you need. Industry data shows some service providers are currently delivering around 41% of gas consumption data on a daily basis. Recognising that, Ofgem introduced industry-wide gas data collection targets of 90% in 2017.


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3. Be analytical with Stark ID

Once you’re online and with a solid data set, use Stark ID to check your gas profile.  Pay close attention to whether your heating is coming on too early or staying on too late.

Join our webinar and we’ll show you how to interrogate your gas data in more detail and identify opportunities for savings.

4. Get the local view

In Stark ID, we provide regional temperature and degree day data absolutely free from over 90 sensors across the UK alongside your gas data, which allows you to pinpoint sites which are performing well, or badly, in response to local weather conditions.

Stark ID will automatically select the weather station nearest to your site’s postcode to save you the task of setting your location across your portfolio. Sign into your Stark ID account right now and simply change the report type to ‘Degree Days’ to see all the reports available to you.

5. Get automated and use alerts

You need to know that your gas consumption is only happening when your organisation needs it. With Stark ID, you can easily compare gas consumption to site occupancy and working hours and quickly visualise issues with heating or boiler controls and inefficiency.

You can set alerts and alarms to let you know when problems arise, delivered straight to your inbox and giving you peace of mind through the heating season. If you’re managing a large portfolio of buildings, you can rank sites by their ability to manage waste well – for example, by the lowest consumption in unoccupied hours.

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