The hesitation in adoption of green solutions is not for lack of want but, rather, lack of funds.

Complex green solutions tend to be financially out-of-reach for small to medium businesses, due to less-than-transparent access to the data needed for proper ROI analysis.

We know funds will be made available in line with COP26, whether that will be included in the £26 Billion already promised by the UK Government in their Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener document; an unexpected windfall announced at COP26, or another round of the PSDS (public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme).

So how does one exactly obtain access to these funds?

Though the finer details and requirements will differ depending on the varying schemes. Using the PSDS as an example, it goes a little something like this:

  1. Establish baseline usage
  2. Find areas for improvement
  3. Align improvement solutions with funding solutions
  4. Calculate potential improvements with said solution
  5. Apply for funding
  6. Win funding
  7. Implement changes
  8. Rinse and repeat


Funding being available does not equal funding being accessible


From our experience and the experience of our customers, with a first-come-first-served system, funding can be particularly difficult to access, and due to high demand funding pots can be exhausted within days. But having immediate access to accurate and detailed usage data, in a ‘near real time’ and easily digestible format can really help you be prepared for when those funding opportunities arise.

One successful candidate is Charles Pipe, Stark customer from Hounslow Borough Council. Throughout multiple rounds of funding, Charles and his team have been able to secure over £19Mil from the PSDS. This funding has been able to kickstart the Net Zero journey of 65 schools, libraries, and leisure centres.

Hounslow has been able to implement solar pv, air source heat pumps and LEDs across its corporate portfolio using a hybrid system supported by boilers where necessary. All of the selected buildings have enough roof surface area to harness enough solar pv – renewable energy to offset the heat pumps ensuring electricity bills will not increase. 5 Leisure centres will become FULLY Net Zero.


” To be successful we’ve found you really need to be prepared ‘shovel ready’ as soon as the funding window opens, this includes annual consumption data, scope of works, costs and detailed surveys etc ready. This is due to the short window to submit bids, and the amount of organisations bidding.

We’re immensely proud of the progress we have made to becoming Net Zero. By accessing the PSDS we have been able to significantly decrease our carbon emissions, reliance on gas and energy costs across the board aligning with our declared Climate Emergency.

To read the full Hounslow Borough Council story, click here. Where do I start?

Know your current usage, only by doing this can you find areas for improvement.

Stark’s data collection, metering and analytics solutions can provide seamless access to your consumption data.

Start building your business case, with Stark ID:

  1. Appoint Stark to collect your data
  2. Stark begin to collect data
  3. Login to Stark ID to access your data
  4. Run consumption reports

Already a Stark customer? Your data is ready and waiting for you, just request your login details.

So, what are you waiting for? Funding opportunities are right around the corner, be ready to harness the power of data to reach Net Zero.