On November 26th Stark colleagues from Blackpool to Horley, turned down the heat in homes and offices and cosied up for Green Jumper Day.

Green Jumper Day is run by a not-for-profit organisation working to educate and engage younger generations in climate change as well as fundraising for reforestation projects. They want people to use less energy heating homes and offices, and instead wear a jumper! Their mission aligns with Stark’s Net Zero and behavioural change ambitions, as well as a great opportunity to bring the wider team together in a single virtual event.

Throughout the week, tips on how to reduce energy were shared, focusing on the journey of the humble jumper from shop to selfie. Purchasing clothes from second-hand stores helps reduce the carbon emissions related to textile production as well as contributing to charity and a circular economy. Cold water washing and air drying, not only protects fabrics but significantly goes toward reducing household carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Finally, colleagues were encouraged to enjoy a meat-free meal wearing the jumper, to help reduce contribution to global GHG production through different food choices.

Pulling together to effect change for just one day can boost an individual’s motivation to try different behaviours and enjoy the personal satisfaction of doing the right thing. Together, the impact is multiplied, and if continued, small everyday changes in the right direction will build the foundation to the growth of a healthier low carbon world.

Don’t wait until next Green Jumper Day – make some changes today.

Stark Colleagues Green Jumper Collage

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