Maximising Non-Domestic Smart Meter Consumer Benefits - Stark Response 24.09.21


The UK government, or more specifically the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), are proposing new licence conditions on energy suppliers to provide data and analytics services to their non-domestic customers.

In doing this, BEIS want to ensure that businesses of all sizes can make energy savings and carbon reductions by engaging with their energy consumption data.

What progress has been made?

BEIS have laid out their proposal about the process, their expectations from suppliers and a start date for the new licence conditions to come into effect: June 2022.

Read their consultation here.

How is this different from the current licence conditions?

Currently, suppliers are only required to provide their non-domestic customers and their nominated third parties with “timely access to their half hourly/hourly consumption data upon request”, which is simultaneously vague and underwhelming in terms of supporting energy management.

Monitoring energy usage not only saves businesses money but also minimises wastage throughout the network and is a vital component of our journey to Net Zero.

Whilst a solution is essential, is putting the onus on suppliers the best resolution?

If not suppliers, then who?

A thriving competitive market for data and analytics already exists. Let independent providers focus on what they do best rather than pushing suppliers to develop their own offerings. The priority should be enabling consumer choice in the existing market, rather than making suppliers the default route to data.

Platforms like Stark ID, have the functionality to collect, collate and analyse energy data across all utilities, from any metering system and in one place. Have a look at our Success Stories (link: to read how businesses of any size can make significant energy and carbon reductions through engaging with their consumption data on Stark ID.

As a business, you don’t have to wait, if you want to benefit from independent access to your data give us a call today, to begin your data journey.