“It’s easy to assume that installing technologies like solar or storage is a good place to start unless of course your energy suppliers have a green tariff then it might be more effective in reducing carbon emissions to invest in other solutions, like electrifying your transportation.


But how green does that actually make you?


How much does that impact your carbon emissions?


How effective is that reduction, relative to your investment?


How does all that change as your business changes over time?


And if any of those actions you have taken actually helped you comply with any regulations?”

Paige Leuschner

Group Head of Product at Stark

At a recent Stark sponsored event, The Association for Decentralised Energy showcased how smart energy technology lies at the heart of a Net Zero system at a parliamentary reception, ahead of global discussions on climate change at COP26 later this year.


From high quality data collection to unrivalled consumption analytics and support. Stark are uniquely positioned to help deliver the decarbonised energy system of the future. Every business and organisation is different, data at the heart of your Net Zero plans enables prioritising the most impactful changes that’s right for you.


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