Get everyone involved

With the option of adding unlimited Stark ID users at no extra cost, you can easily get everyone involved in energy management turning team members into ‘Energy Waste Watchers’.

As lockdown begins, your new ‘energy team’ will find Stark ID is perfect for keeping a close eye on your energy data remotely so that there are no surprises when sites begin to reopen.

And just like New Look, you can use reports in Stark ID such as League Tables, to target specific sites and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption at the earliest opportunity.

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Get the full view of all your energy data

If you aren’t using Stark for all your utilities such as gas, you’re unlikely to be getting all the energy data you need to quickly spot, deliver and maintain potential savings during lockdown.

In Stark ID, you can remotely run a time of use (TOU) report to make sure nothing has been left on or check your gas timings to avoid heating sites unnecessarily.

But don’t just take our word for it. Oxfordshire County Council is just one of the many Stark customers who have chosen Stark to provide end to end gas services including gas metering (MAM) and data services.

Armed with Stark’s independent, high-quality gas data Oxfordshire County Council are now on track to meet their target of reducing energy by 3%.

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Manage and monitor your closed sites remotely

Save money now AND later by using your energy data from the previous lockdown to focus your attention on baseload analysis. You have already seen how low your energy usage can go, so use that as a new baseline target.

Knowing this baseline will be really important for ensuring your energy bills remain as low as possible while any of your sites are unoccupied and for identifying future saving opportunities.

Use the form below to access our free recorded webinar which will show you how to identify the cost savings of your above baseload energy waste.

Free Site Closure Analysis

In the event you need to temporarily close any of your sites, then just like the last lockdown we are still here to support our customers with some free additional reporting relating to site consumption, and how the shutdowns are affecting your sites.

As part of our ongoing Stark ID service, we are currently running bespoke detailed analysis on portfolios for:

      • Energy consumption during lockdown across your portfolio
      • Sites with highest amount of energy being wasted daily
      • Sites that have estimated data reads

In the last lockdown, this analysis proved to be very informative, as it highlighted cost saving opportunities – fast!

For further details on this, or if you require some support to further assist you with your reporting obligations get in touch now.

You can also download our free switch off checklist

It will guide you through everything from using Stark ID to set alerts for unexpected usage in your sites, to updating your occupancy settings to what to turn off at your sites to stay on top of your energy usage across your portfolio during lockdown.

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