What is it?

Project Nexus was introduced in June 2017 and affects all gas suppliers. It is an initiative driven by Ofgem to replace the UK Link system which is operated by Xoserve. The system is used for energy settlement, meter administration and other functions for the UK gas market.


Who are Xoserve?

Xoserve manages all gas metering information and data services throughout Great Britain.


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Benefits of the changes

Metered annual consumption figures were calculated by Xoserve using Rolling Annual Quantity (AQ), which was calculated annually at the start of the ‘gas year’ in October.

Following these changes, Xoserve will be changed to allow for more accurate consumption figures, and the AQ will be calculated on a rolling month by month basis. This is dependent on a meter read being submitted on a monthly basis and on which new Settlement Class has been set for your meter.


New Settlement Classes

Four new settlement classes will be introduced for all meter points with a Non Daily Metered (NDM) and Daily Metered (DM) supply type to ensure they are settled in a more accurate and effective way.

Class 1 is a mandatory classification for all meters with a rolling AQ of over 58,600,000 kWh.
Class 2, 3 and 4 are for any meter points with a rolling AQ below 58,600,000 kWh.

Class 1 –  Meter reads must be provided daily by 11am of the day following the day gas is consumed.

Class 2 – meter reads in this class must be provided daily within 24 hours following the day that gas is consumed.

Class 3 – meter reads must be provided for each day but can be batched up and issued weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Class 4 – meter reads must be provided either monthly or annually depending on the size of the rolling AQ. When a meter read is obtained it will be submitted to Xoserve, but the gas supplier cannot send more than two meter reads in any rolling 24 day period.