Richard Hawkins, Senior Applications Developer

Richard Hawkins, Senior Applications Developer

We’ve added Custom Sets to SavenergyOnline

As a software developer, it’s really important to understand what features our customers want from SavenergyOnline.  That’s why when customers asked us for more control over their reporting sets, I knew we could make SavenergyOnline even better. From the outset, it was vital that we developed a platform feature that was as straightforward to use as the rest of SavenergyOnline.  Custom Sets meets that remit. Flexible and simple to use, Custom Sets enables you to group and compare your meters and sites for more focused reporting.


Managing a large portfolio?

If you are responsible for a large portfolio, then you have the potential to identify significant energy savings.  However, these savings may not be distributed equally across your sites. With standard SavenergyOnline reporting sets, you can run reports across multiple meters or sites; allowing you to build an overall picture of your portfolio’s energy consumption.

Custom Sets enables you to go that one step further because you can now create your own groups of any number of sites and meters to report against.  As a result, you now have the flexibility to produce more streamlined and targeted energy reports.

Targeting your highest consumers

Our energy analytics platform, SavenergyOnline gives you a huge range of standard reports to identify your highest consuming sites. In this instance, the report below shows a list of the worst performing sites within a portfolio:



Often there are occasions when you want to drill deeper into your data and make a set that is specific to your organisation. All you have to do is create a Custom Set with a suitable name, say ‘Highest Consumers’, then add each site to that set. And that’s it! Now you have a Custom Set that you can use to track the performance of your chosen sites on a daily or weekly basis.

It’s your set

Where you have already identified energy efficiency measures for a selection of sites, Custom Sets gives you the autonomy to group those sites together to meet your particular needs. Here are some more ideas:

  • You might want to keep track of sites where you are installing low energy lighting. With Custom Sets you can.
  • Or perhaps you are interested in sites under a particular manager. Custom Sets allows you to have any groups you like.
  • You may only be interested in toy factories that manufacture pink bunny rabbits! It really is up to you what Custom Sets you create.

Want to know more?

See our comprehensive Help Guide within SavenergyOnline walk you through the basics or call our energy analytics team and find out about our webinar and training options.