In case you missed our recent blog, one of our top tips for avoiding gas waste this winter is getting high quality, daily gas data.

By visualising your daily consumption you can quickly and easily identify common problems like errors in your building and boiler controls or unnecessary heating when your buildings are empty.

We crunched some of our customers’ data to see if we could find some simple savings.  We looked at school gas use in the festive season across the 500+ schools we support.  We found over £500,000 savings were possible just by eliminating unnecessary gas consumption between Christmas Day and New Year – enough to justify another 25 full time teachers.

Why choose Stark?

If you aren’t using Stark, you’re unlikely to be getting the gas data you need to unlock potential savings. We built our full end-to-end gas service to deliver the highest quality data and put you firmly in control of your gas data.  We provide everything you need to eliminate gas waste – from supply connection to meter installation, from data to market leading analytics tools.

We’ll collect, assure and process your data every day, and make it easily available on our analytics platform, Stark ID.  Armed with this, you can manage your entire portfolio and spot, deliver and maintain savings.

But don’t just take our word for it. Oxfordshire City Council and Cheney School are just two of many Stark customers who have taken control of their gas data, cut costs and hit emissions targets.

Council takes full control of gas metering to meet energy and carbon targets

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council faced many challenges in managing their gas and heating waste across their extensive estate, with limited visibility of smaller sites and frequent, painful and unnecessary data disruptions.

They chose Stark to provide end to end gas services including gas metering (MAM) and data services.  Armed with Stark’s independent, high-quality gas data Oxfordshire County Council are now on track to meet their target of reducing energy by 3%. They now have the confidence of uninterrupted data over the long term, ensuring data continuity through change of Supplier.

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Cheney School – Stark’s energy management solution is top of the class

We worked with Cheney School, a coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status to identify 32% potential reductions in gas consumption from “wasted gas”, a huge cost saving and contributor to their emissions goals.

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