How has non-domestic electricity demand changed in the month after lockdown?

Our team of data scientists looked at National Grid data from the first month of lockdown in the UK, March 25th – April 17th, and compared it to the same period in 2019.

At a national level, the drop in non-domestic electricity demand from 2019 to 2020 is 19.6%.

Can Industrial and Commercial (I&C) electricity consumption be reduced even further?

Our data scientists identified that Stark customers had reduced their electricity consumption by an incredible 29.5% during this period. 

This reduction means that, in total, Stark customers are saving nearly £750,000 every day during lockdown when compared the national 19.6% figure. A staggering £16.5 million of electricity spend has been saved collectively by Stark customers during the first 22 days of lockdown alone.


How did Stark customers achieve a 29.5% reduction compared to the national average of 19.6%?

With an unprecedented 29.5% reduction this means that overall, our customers have reduced their consumption by a nearly additional 10% in the first month of lockdown when compared to the rest of the I&C sector, resulting in a cost saving of £750k every day.

All Stark customers who appoint us as their NHH/HH data collector gain unlimited free access to our powerful energy analytics tool Stark ID. If you would like more information on how to appoint us as your electricity data collector and get free access to Stark ID – please fill out your details in the form below.


Having access to Stark ID during the lockdown has empowered our customers to take even greater control of their energy with access to features such as:

Ability to set automatic alerts on all of their sites for complete visibility.
Option to upload updated occupancy parameters into Stark ID to monitor buildings that are empty.
 Run time of use reports (ToU) to make sure nothing was left on.
Use Stark ID to identify and monitor their baseload, which is really important for ensuring energy bills remain as low as possible while sites are unoccupied.
Ability to have unlimited accounts allowing them to get everyone involved even from home.

You can get your own Stark ID account by contacting us today and discuss appointing us as your energy data collector.


Also since the lockdown started, all of our teams have been working remotely and are still on hand to assist our customers, as explained by Pratik and Lucie in our Project Delivery & Support and Account Management teams.



We have also been running free webinars for all Stark customers with record breaking numbers of attendees. All our previous webinars are available to watch at any time such as our recent Stark ID Baseload webinar which showcased how Stark ID users can easily carry out their own Baseload analysis identifying future saving opportunities.



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The 19.6% is calculated from the change in total National Demand Data
[1],  taking 70.7% as non-domestic based on BEIS annual sector breakdown
[2], and assuming a 5% uplift in domestic consumption in the period after 23rd March 2020

[3] assuming an average total rate of 11p per kWh.