Stark ID - Launch Press Release


February 25th, 2019 Stark today announces the launch of Stark ID

A new energy analytics platform that empowers organisations and energy managers to better manage energy, save time and save money.

The launch of Stark ID builds on the success of Stark’s previous platform, SavenergyOnline, first launched in 2001. As well as the sophistication and analytical power of SavenergyOnline, Stark ID brings a new feature set including intuitive dashboards, dynamic reporting and mobile first design, to better support today’s energy manager.

Head of Product Chris Brown said

“Building on the success of SavenergyOnline, Stark ID really enables energy managers and businesses owners to get the most out of their energy data whist still providing a single platform to visualise and analyse all their energy data, regardless of the meter or the utility.

Our teams have put in a huge amount of work to ensure that Stark ID is intuitive and simple to use but can also meet the needs of the most demanding energy professional. This is our next generation platform and will continue develop as we add new functionality and features.”

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Existing Stark customers get access to Stark ID at no extra charge with an automatic registration process that migrates all their favourite reports, settings and existing site portfolio from SavenergyOnline.

Stark Managing Director, Joel Stark added

“Many clients want to translate complex data into actionable, intelligent insights. We’re giving them a full range of analysis tools enabling them to continuously evaluate their performance, whether they’re looking at consumption, demand or costs.

With dynamic visualisations and an intuitive interface, Stark ID presents an incredible opportunity to inspire every area of your business to make a difference and save energy.”

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