Each Friday lunchtime, teams across departments battled to claim victory and fundraise for a great cause close to their hearts, in a spin on the classic Family Fortunes format, reinvented at as “Starktunes”.

The chosen team leaders had to be quick on the buzzer to gain control of the board for their team. From there, competitors took turns trying to complete the boards, accumulating points along the way.

Stark family fortunes
Stark charity donations

After many weeks of fierce competition, the epic final concluded last week with Product, Programmes and Marketing walking away victorious. They weren’t the only winners.  Over the course of the 13 weeks, £5,963.02 was raised for a total of 17 charities. The full breakdown can be seen to the left.


The full list of great causes Stark employees donated their winnings to:

Active Prospects 

Brian House children’s hospice 

Great North Children’s Hospital

The Calm Zone

Crawley Food Bank partnership

War Child

Derriford Hospital ICU Nurses

Great Ormond Street Hospital

The Climate Coalition

Alzheimers UK

Cancer Research UK

Red Cross – Ukraine Appeal

The Children’s Trust

Diabetes UK

Green Jumper Day

Stark colleagues create a close-knit community for Green Jumper Day


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