Why meter? What meter? Where meter?

At Stark data is at the heart of what we do but unfortunately, we have not yet found a way for the electricity and gas to tell us when and where it is being used, until we do, we have meters. Lots and lots of meters.


Why meter? 

At all stages of the utility process, knowing how much you’ve got is imperative for balancing the network but also for accurate billing and ultimately reducing usage. It’s also essential for correct billing and ultimately reducing usage to achieve net zero goals.

Accurate metering and sub-metering allows you to identify waste in your buildings – reducing energy usage and carbon emissions as well as saving money. 


What meter? 

At Stark we can meter as well as data log for all utilities using a variety of hardware options. What is important is that the right hardware is used to satisfy the client requirement. Stark will select and use the most appropriate hardware to ensure the highest quality data from a client site. 

For electricity we can provide metering for High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) sites. Within this we can meter three-phase on Current Transformer (CT) and Whole Current (WC) connections, as well as Single Phase connections.  

The type of meter and communications options we use depends on the client requirement, site requirement, existing metering and site topology. We can deploy single point metering (Code of Practise meters, where the meter, memory and modem are together in one unit), or panel/DIN rail metering (either MID or non-MID) using a variety of data logging options such as Modbus, M-Bus (both wired and wireless), and Low Power Radio (LPR) systems. 

For fiscal gas and water meters we deploy state of the art billing data loggers using the latest 4G/5G technologies. For gas, water and heat sub-metering and commercial recharging we also offer wired or wireless M-bus data logging, as well as LPR solutions for pure energy management. We also support Modbus data logging on bulk heat meters. 


Where meter? 


Well not literally… the moon is still a little out of reach. But, we do have meters installed across the UK and Europe including France, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man.

And some buildings require special attention, we’ve worked on a number of listed buildings with our buildings to install metering services in the most sensible way.  Whether you have one building or many, Stark can help with end-to-end delivery of all your monitoring needs. For any utility we source the best hardware, install and monitor… then the fun really starts.

The data across all your meters feeds into our advanced analytics platform, Stark ID, where we can not only see the energy being used, but also begin to reduce use and eliminate waste.


So, what’s the meter? A device to give you visibility of your energy usage, to empower you to use less and save money.

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