Project Nexus introduced four new gas settlement classes. These were intended to allow a greater proportion of the market to be settled on daily reads. A benefit for a supplier of using one of the new daily read Classes (Class 2 and Class 3) is that they attract a much lower weighting of Unidentified Gas (UIG) and subsequent charges.

Migration of meter points into Class 3 has steadily increased and Xoserve predicts that it is likely to see exponential growth over the next year. The lower weighting of UIG for Class 3 assumes that the read performance target of 90% is met. However, recent data from Xoserve suggests that overall industry performance in Class 3 has been far below this – around 41%. The possibility of allowing Xoserve to revert sites that are failing to meet the requirements of Class 3 back to Class 4 is being explored to address under-performance.

Our full end-to-end gas service allows you to take back control

At Stark, we built our AMR Service Provider (ASP) solution around the new settlement classes introduced by Project Nexus. We are passionate about providing the highest quality metering and data services so that both suppliers and consumers can better manage their energy costs.

Our solution is perfect for Suppliers as we can assist with the reduction of Unidentified Gas by supporting the daily read requirements of Class 2 and Class 3. Our commitment to delivering the highest possible data standard will ensure these benefits are achieved and maintained.

As part of Stark’s ASP solution, we will make half-hourly gas consumption data available at D+1 on our energy and analytics platform, Stark ID. Suppliers can use this to drive insight into their own portfolio or provide access to their customers as an engagement and retention tool.

Highest quality data

We empower traders with 30 minute consumption data with the best data collection around. We are the only ASP currently offering a full solution to the challenges of Nexus.

Data continuity

All meter reads are collected and sent to suppliers in accordance with Xoserve regulations and validated against previous reads, register validation and AQ.

Superior energy analytics

Reduce churn with free customer and supplier access to our energy analytics platform, allowing you to compare gas use over time, against temperature or with other utilities to identify savings.

If you are interested in finding out more about our ASP solution then contact us for more information.